Deadpool 2 Revealed Some Major Spoilers About X-Men Dark Phoenix

Mystique and Jean Grey were killed by the Dark Phoenix though it was easily anticipated by some over-excited fans. A huge credit for this leak goes to this years Deadpool 2 which unintentionally left a lot of spoilers for the Dark Phoniex fans. Mystique was killed by the last of the Xmen after he was accidentally killed by Jean. During her final confrontation jean, herself met her end with the primary antagonist of the movie.




Deadpool 2 Spoiled X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Major Deaths
Deadpool 2 Spoiled X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Major Deaths

Dark Phoniex whole focus in on Jean as she is seen to be fully transformed into the Dark Phoenix making it ‘Marking long-time X-Men film producer Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut’. The second attempt made by the fox in crafting  Chris Claremont’s iconic comic book arc The Dark Phoenix Saga was seen to be quite successful as it follows the carefully planned X-Men: The Last Stand from 2006. “Sadly, critics and audiences alike are less than impressed with the contemporary re-telling, evidenced by its bad reviews and disappointing box office performance.”


The dark movie was the sum-of of over two decades of X-men movie and that would look to even include the Deadpool filmsDeadpool 2 included a major X-Men Easter egg that established is never going to make it out of Dark Phoenix all.

Still grieving over the untimely death of Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Wade Wilson (Reynolds) moved to the X-Mansion in the hopes of joining the famed superhero team in Deadpool 2. As he roamed around the massive place, he asked Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) why the famous mutants are still nowhere to be seen. This harkens back to Wade’s meta-comments in the first Deadpoolwhere he mentioned that the movie’s low-budget prevented them from featuring any big-name character from the main saga.As Wade lashed out, the scene cuts around to an open door behind the merc-with-a-mouth, showing the Dark Phoenix-era X-Men in the middle of a meeting.

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