Deadpool might die in Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds reveals!

18th May is just around the corner now and we couldn’t be more excited for the second visit of Deadpool to the big screen. Deadpool is one of the biggest hits among R- Rated movies. And a big credit goes to Ryan Reynolds. He is just the Deadpool we could dream of. I mean he is perfect with the action, perfect with the dialogue delivery and too perfect with the publicity of the movies.

We saw that a year ago, when Ryan Reynolds started promoting Deadpool 2. He already made us aware that this time it will be Cable vs Deadpool to see on the big screen. But he didn’t say anything about a kid or that he will have a X force backing him up.

If you could go and follow his instagram page (@vancityreynolds) you would see a hell lot of interesting posts. However, the post he did today was something unbelievable.

Well, he kind of wrote a letter asking the fans not to reveal any secret about the movie. I mean in short he requested the fans to keep the spoiler to themselves. But in a not so Reynolds fashion, he kind of gave away the biggest spoiler for the movie.

We all are aware that we are going to have a hell lot of fun shit in the entire movie. But this one might just be a bit emotional. In the trailer, we saw the harsh beating that Thanos, oops sorry Cable gave to Green Lantern. I mean to Deadpool. But we would never expect that to be the end of Deadpool. But Ryan Reynolds differs from us in that fact. Check out this post from him.

Well, so he is going to die? Like really? But if he dies, who will kill the rest of Marvel Universe? I mean we are getting a Wolverine vs Deadpool right?


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