Deadpool Welcomed To The Marvel Family By Chris Hemsworth

Disney has finalised the acquisition of 20th Century Fox this past week and the Marvel has now grown bigger and better. Avengers: Endgame and MCU star Chris Hemsworth welcomed the newbie Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds saying that his addition will add more fun and feels a bit warmer.

Chris Hemsworth takes to Instagram

Chris Hemsworth welcomes Ryan Reynolds to MCU
Chris Hemsworth welcomes Ryan Reynolds to MCU

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Hemsworth took to Instagram and shared a fan-art that shows Deadoool in Thor’s classic costume with helmet and a smaller version of his famous Mjolnir hammer. We are expecting to see this in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Endgame.


As we know, Chris Hemsworth loves to have fun with co-cast members on social media and well, Ryan Reynolds is no less. We are now waiting for Reynolds’ response to the Chris Hemsworth post.

Deadpool To Soon Join MCU

Thor and Deadpool soon?
Thor and Deadpool soon?

Deadpool will be joining MCU and he has all the potential to join it, and this news should be extremely exciting for fans. This also opens doors for R-rated films in the MCU, as it was earlier stated by Disney CEO Bob Iger. Although it seems that the franchise will remain under the 20th Century Fox banner.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Iger confirmed that Deadpool franchise will go on and that it would only be the mainstream X-Men series will continue to be rebooted.

X-Men and Fantastic 4 To Return Home

Iger revealed in 2018 that Fantastic Four and X-Men chaarcaters will be transferred under Marvel Studios banner, giving Kevin Feige access to fan-favourites that are yet to appear in MCU.

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“I think it only makes sense,” Iger told THR. “I want to be careful here because of what’s been communicated to the Fox folks, but I think they know. It only makes sense for Marvel to be supervised by one entity. There shouldn’t be two Marvels.”

It will be interesting to see if Thor and Deadpool will work together in the coming years of MCU.

Avengers: Endgame will hit theaters on April 26.

Source: Comicbook, Instagram

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