Deadpool’s T.J. Miller Negotiates Over ‘Bomb Threat’ Charges

Deadpool 2 actor T.J. Miller is currently undergoing a deal with prosecutors for calling in a fake bomb threat earlier this year. The actor was accused of providing false information to authorities intentionally. This happened in March as Miller claimed a bomb in the bag of a female passenger on an Amrak train while Miller himself was in a different train at that time.

This incident is the latest in Miller’s long string of disturbing reports. Earlier the actor was arrested for assaulting an Uber driver who had an argument with him regarding Donald Trump. He was also accused of sexual assault by a woman in 2017, while both of them were in college together.

Miller also got fired from HBO’s Silicon Valley reportedly for his inappropriate set actions, that even include allegations of bullying from co-actress Alice Wetterlund.

According to the latest report by The Blast, Miller is currently underway of clearing his latest round of legal issues. The court documents even hint that both Miller and prosecutors are discussing various matters related to resolving the case short of indictment. If Miller goes to trial, he may face a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

An attendant on the train even revealed that the actor was intoxicated when he boarded the train and continued to drink throughout the journey. Reportedly, he even had a verbal fight with a woman sitting near him in first class before he was removed from the train.

Miller undoubtedly is a brilliant comedy star with his roles in Silicon Valley, Deadpool franchise and Ready Player One. It’s yet to be seen how these allegations affect his acting career but he does have a few roles lined up with Kristen Stewart as well as a voiceover in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


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