Deathstroke #35 Finally Reveals Damian Wayne’s True Parentage

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers to Deathstroke #35.

Readers have been pondering whether Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke could actually be the actual father of Damian Wayne, who is also the current Robin.

During a robbery investigation, Bruce comes across several documents that contained the DNA reports of Talia Al Ghul and Damian. However, he found out that it wasn’t his DNA but Deathstroke’s DNA that matched.

This led to a months-long feud between the two, though both knew that Robin’s actual father was Bruce. They somehow knew that someone had tried to place them against one another but this didn’t stop them from going against each other.

However, this debate got settled in Deathstroke #35 but we also finally got to know who was behind all this. It was revealed in issue #32 that it was Tom Drake who discovered the DNA evidence linking to Damian and Deathstroke. However, that evidence was falsified by Talia al Ghul herself, in order to show Slade what they could have had.

It was unfortunate for Talia that Tim got his hands first on the documents but he hid them in a safe deposit box, which was eventually found by Batman during the robbery investigation.

And about Damian’s parentage, we see Bruce sitting when Alfred arrived with one final DNA test report. As Bruce opens it, he feels second thoughts about opening it.

The issue ends with Bruce saying, “No matter what’s there in the envelope, he’s my son, Alfred,” before tossing the report into the fire. “That’s it,” he concluded.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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