Deathstroke Now Considered As The Dark Vader of DC

DC’S Deathstroke has now been revealed with a brand new outfit, the likes of which seems to give away some Star Wars vibes. Deathstroke #48 depicts an intriguing new look at the villain. Given that there’s a helmet covering his face, fans really hope it is, in fact, Deathstroke, DC’s most wanted killer, himself. The outfit isn’t even for a fashionable look, but primarily for the new approach that Christopher Priest is aiming for. 

Deathstroke’s Death By The Hands Of Red Arrow

Emiko Queen/Red Arrow is Oliver Queen's sister and sidekick
Emiko Queen/Red Arrow is Oliver Queen’s sister and sidekick

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson is currently presumed to be dead after being a victim to an arrow shot through his eye by Emiko Queen/Red Arrow. Deathstroke’s death was confirmed after that fatal shot, however only lasting a few minutes before his healing factor kicked in. It was jump started with the help of a dose of leprosy that was administered by Raptor.

His New Appearance

Deathstroke's son, Jericho
Deathstroke’s son, Jericho

Deathstroke stayed hidden in the shadows since his ‘death,’ posing as a nurse and steering clear from any unwanted attention. However, the latest issue shows him in a futuristic outfit and demanding to meet the Legion of Doom. He wishes his son, Jericho, to be granted with powerful gifts in order to be compatible for Lex Luthor‘s ‘Year of the Villain’ 

Details About The New Deathstroke

Whether it is Deathstroke or a doppelganger is still doubtful, but whoever it is, poses a major threat. The villain has donned himself with a new sword and a new armor, devoid of any form of restraint. The new armor depicts some similarities to Star Wars, with the helmet being comparable to that of an Imperial Stormtrooper. His cape definitely gives away some Darth Vader vibes and provides a sci-fi outlook on the costume itself. 

Watch the trailer for Arrow season 8 here:

Source: Screenrant, CBR

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