“Demi Lovato is a F****g Moron”- Andrew Tate Once Blasted Demi Lovato For Her Struggle With Addiction, Offered Her a One on One counselling

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and now an internet personality called Demi Lovato, is an American singer, and songwriter who preaches about their battle with heroin addiction. He claims that Demi Lovato is a privileged millionaire who by choice indulged in drugs and the sympathy they get on social media is fanatical.

Tate, who is notoriously known for his bizarre content on Tiktok and Instagram goes on to share his concerns, “There is no such thing as a disease that starts with a choice. A disease is something you catch. Even if it is a choice that is hard to resist, it is still a choice you make.

Demi Lovato announces the new single, "Skin of my teeth".
Demi Lovato announces the new single, “Skin of my teeth”.

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Andrew Tate is famous for all the wrong reasons

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 If you are a frequent social media user, you would have definitely come across the omnipresent face of Andrew Tate.

Aged 35, Tate was a professional kickboxer and is now an entrepreneur and content creator with his own “Hustlers University” offering something called a “modern wealth creation“. The potential cult leader also has a history of hate talk and violence and has openly praised the German dictator, Hilter.

Andrew Tate on TikTok
Andrew Tate on TikTok

Not only was he removed from the 17th season of the British reality show, Big Brother after a video of his beating a woman with a belt surfaced, but his Twitter account was also suspended in 2017 owing to his obnoxious “wisdom“. Unluckily though, his account was recently verified by Twitter.

His views on the #Metoo Movement also raised eyebrows, “If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bare some responsibility“.

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His statement on Demi Lovato is full of hypocrisy and blatant arrogance

Demi Lovato in 2016, Future Now Tour
Demi Lovato in 2016, Future Now Tour

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Proffering an open session of counseling with the American Pop singer, Tate mockingly says that while Lovato wails about their addiction battle, he would like to rerun the incidents of struggles that Syria has gone through in the past decade.

The sympathy and praise Lovato got for coming out with the heroin addiction story was empowering for many, indicating that addiction does not discriminate against the rich and the poor and can ruin a person’s life in minutes.

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Her struggle? B**** is a millionaire and famous. Hasn’t gotta do shit“, Tate says not just in bad taste but also seems to come from a place of bigotry and utter hypocrisy.

Ending his hate talk on Lovato, he says he would love to hear all about their struggles and the “pressure” of being a multi-millionaire brat.

While Tate continues to spread his modern wisdom by calling out celebrities, Demi Lovato won’t dignify his hateful comments with a response.

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