Describing Val Kilmer’s ‘Huge’ Role in the Upcoming Disney+ Series

As per executive producer Jonathan Kasdan, Top Gun star Val Kilmer will have a part to play in the upcoming Willow.

While appearing in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Kasdan made it quite clear that, while Kilmer couldn’t take part in the filming, his character Madmartigan, will still be a part and staple of the story of the show. “Val’s a huge part of this, and the first conversation I had, when Warwick [Davis] and I got the green light to do this, was with Val,” he explained. “We wanted his character to be a part of the story. We wanted him to be in the show. Because we were shooting during [the COVID-19 lockdowns], he wasn’t able to come to Wales and shoot with us. But he is in the show in a big way. And we’re pretty excited about it. … Madmartigan lives on.”

What is Willow?

Willow will return after 34 years

Willow was released in 1988 and was a dark fantasy feature helmed by Ron Howard with a story by George Lucas. The movie saw Willow Ufgood (Davis), a magician tasked with protecting a baby who is prophesied, from the evil Queen Bavmorda (played by Jean Marsh).

Madmartigan (Kilmer) joins Willow on his quest, where the former is a down-on-his-luck swordsman, and Sorsha (played by Joanne Whalley), who is the daughter of Bavmorda who will eventually betray her mother and fall in love with Madmartigan. The movie met with mixed reviews but went on to become a cult classic due to the television reruns and home video sales.

When was the series greenlit?

1988's Willow
Val Kilmer in 1988’s Willow

Willow series was greenlit back in October 2020, with Wendy Mericle and Kasdan serving as executive producers and showrunners while Davis reprises the title role.

During the Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm announced the first trailer for the series, confirming that Whalley is set to return as Sorsha. Other cast members also include Ruby Cruz, Amer Chadha-Patel, Ellie Bamber, Erin Kellyman, Tony Revolori, and Dempsey Bryk. Stephen Wolfenden will helm the first two episodes while James Newton Howard will later score the series.

Val’s spirit is very much with the series,” Davis added. “[He and I] have been in touch since we made the movie, and we’re good friends and he’s a terrific guy. I still attribute me getting through the film to Val. He kept my spirits up when conditions were really treacherous and difficult. I was cold, wet, tired. He kept me laughing, kept the whole thing fun.” He then confirmed, “Madmartigan lives on.”

Willow will premiere on November 30 on Disney+.


Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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