Despite 7 Michelin Stars To His Name, Gordon Ramsay Calls New Show ‘Next Level Chef’ – Full of Social Media Stars Instead of Chefs – a “F**king Nightmare”

World-famous chef Gordon Ramsay is all set to start the second season of his FOX show, Next Level Chef. And if the man himself is to be believed, this one is like nothing that the world has ever seen. For this revolution in cooking reality shows, Ramsay has not only planned out serious cooking challenges but has also designed a three-stories high culinary gauntlet and each floor is a separate kitchen in itself. And the contestants are supposed to literally fight their way to the top, the twist being that from the basement to this culinary penthouse, the ingredients and the floors will be of matching themes.

And what’s more, Ramsay himself has claimed that if he were a contestant, it would be a nightmare for him as well. Coming from literally one of the best and most experienced chefs in the world, that is really something to say.

Gordon Ramsay calls his upcoming reality cooking competition a nightmare

Gordon Ramsay calls 'Next Level Chef' a fucking nightmare
Gordon Ramsay is all set to begin the second season of Next Level Chef

For his ultimate reality TV competition, Gordon Ramsay has handpicked the best of the bests that the US has to offer – from home chefs to social media chefs, line cooks to food truck owners, the contestants offer a real variety. And the 56-year-old made sure that they will have quite a challenge on their hands, challenges that he claims are way too hard.

The seven Michelin stars chef has claimed,

“I’d find this a f****g nightmare. I got taught by some of the best chefs on the planet. And if you didn’t master what they gave you to do, you were out.”

Multi-cooking levels in Gordon Ramsay's cooking competition 'Next Level Chef'
Starting from the bottom, the contestants need to win their way to the top literally

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“Next Level Chef is about seeing how they pivot quickly across 45 minutes with ingredients they may have never cooked before.”

The contestants will be seen fighting tooth and nail for a £100,000 prize and 12-month mentorship.

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Social media chefs in a professional cooking competition?

Next Level Chef
Next Level Chef

Involving social media stars in a cutthroat competition, and putting them behind aprons beside professional chefs was indeed a point of contention. The Hell’s Kitchen star himself said,

“The inclusion of social media stars is something a lot of top chefs are very sniffy about but they are some of the most talented, gifted chefs.”

Everything aside, the Kitchen Nightmares star is really proud of his work. He had formerly claimed before the first season of the show aired,

“This is the next evolution in cooking competitions. It’s big and it’s bold, and I can’t wait for people to see it!”

The second season will start airing on January 11 at 9 pm.

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Source: The Sun

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