Despite Massive 40 Year Age Gap, Alexander Edwards Loves $360M Rich Cher, Calls Her Kids Who Are a Decade Older Than Him as “My Guys”

Lovestruck Cher and Alexander Edwards kicked off their relationship after meeting in 2022, during Paris Fashion Week. Although the extreme age gap has been raising eyebrows, the couple seemed unfazed by the gossip. Well, why not, love is ageless. Starting to date in November 2022, the couple has had a fast-paced relationship where they recently got engaged during the holidays. 

Cher with her fiance Alexander Edwards

Currently, after having a feud with her sons over her relationship with her 37-year-old boy toy, Cher and Alexander Edwards have been trying to get involved with each other’s children. As per TMZ reports, despite the 40 years age gap, the couple is trying all possible ways to keep their romance going. Although involving kids in a relationship is considered a serious move, maybe the pair are hinting over something. 

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Alexander Edwards Getting Involved With Cher’s Sons

Despite the internet calling Alexander Edwards, Cher’s boy toy, the couple seems to be unfazed by the gossip, and are simply focusing on each other. After the two announced their engagement, officially declaring each other as their fiancés, Cher, and Edwards is moving on to something serious. 

Cher with her son Elijah Blue Allman

After their engagement during the holidays, Cherilyn Sarkisian a.k.a Cher had a family feud with her sons over her fiancé. The 76-year-old singer’s sons seem to be against her relationship with the 37-year-old music producer. Sources mentioned the disapproval of her sons caused Cher a lot of trouble. The songstress being mad at her children decided “to cut them out of her life completely…She’s been hell-bent on marrying this guy and is speaking to her lawyers about adjusting her will to make A.E. her sole beneficiary.” 

Alexander Edwards
Alexander Edwards is getting involved with Cher’s sons

However, further, things got back to normal and it was reported by TMZ, the couple have been getting involved with each other’s kids. On approaching the rapper regarding various topics, TMZ learned Edwards happen to have been calling the Strong Enough singer’s sons “my guys”. Irrespective of the fact that Cher’s sons are a decade older than Alexander Edwards, the rapper seems to be fine with the age disparity. Edwards further gushed to let the reps know that even the I Got You Babe hitmaker is getting involved with Slash (Edwards’ son with Amber Rose). He even called his fiancé “amazing” while stating how she’s getting along with his son. 

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Alexander Edwards And Cher’s Relationship

After Alexander Edwards and Cher’s engagement, the couple seems to be moving quickly toward something serious. Especially after involving their kids in their relationship, the couple took the high road. Keeping aside their age gap, children’s disapproval, and the town’s gossip, the couple is trying to build a serious relationship.

Cher and AE are getting serious

Beginning to date in November 2022 after meeting for the first time during the Paris Fashion Week, the two got engaged during the holidays. Despite being together for only a few months, Edwards have Cher a massive diamond ring which she flashed to the paparazzi in January claiming her engagement to be perfect. Further, Cherilyn Sarkisian’s sons seemed to have been against the singer’s relationship with the rapper which troubles her. However, soon things went back to normal and currently as per new reports, the two are getting along with each other’s children. 

There is no official news about their wedding date yet, but the two seem to be pretty serious with their relationship and are hell-bent to marry each other. But currently, they are trying to take small steps in their relationship. 

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Source: TMZ

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