Despite Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, Fans are Asking if Marvel Will Let Smith Replace Robert Downey Jr as MCU’s New Iron Man

After the release of the recent 2022 historical action movie Emancipation, it has come to light that Will Smith’s fanbase is as alive as ever. Following the infamous Oscars slap incident, it is natural to think the actor would have lost his popularity. However, in Smith’s case, it is the complete opposite. The incident has rather worked in his favor in terms of exposure. It brought him to the front scene of the media and people became more aware of him. Now in a recent Reddit discussion, a redditter gave his opinion on the best choice for Marvel’s new Iron Man. And the option is none other than Smith. The Men in Black actor is a former member of DCs Suicide Squad, however, he could be leading the Marvel universe this time.

Will Smith Considered a Good Option for Playing New Iron Man

Will Smith
Will Smith

Recently in a Reddit discussion on the rumored new superior Iron Man, one user gave his surprising choice for the cast. There have been rumors about a new Iron Man arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe scene. The character which is a Tony Stark variant was rumored to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Naturally many choices are being presented. The Reddit user mentioned Will Smith as his choice and wrote,

Hear me out……..Will Smith as Multiverse Superior Iron Man

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Furthermore, the user even created and posted a whole AI art of Smith in the Iron Man suit.

Will Smith AI Created image
Will Smith AI Created image

It is suggested that he might be a great choice considering the growth in his popularity in the past months. Also adding to it Smith is a talented actor no doubt.

However, another top choice for the role of the new Iron Man is Tom Cruise. There is also the chance of Dwayne Johnson joining the Marvel cinematic universe. But at this point, nothing can be said for sure except that the choice is highly debatable.

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What are Others Saying About the Idea?

Will Smith
Will Smith

Now that the idea is out there, some have reacted to it with agreement or humor, while others straight up rejected it. One responded agreeing,

“I would be thrilled if Will Smith NEVER joined the MCU. Jayden too”

But at the same time, several made jokes about it dragging the infamous Chris Rock-Will Smith slapping incident. One said Rock should play the “Mandarin” (arch-enemy of Iron Man in Marvel comics). Similarly, another joked about Rock being the new “Thanos” of the multiverse.

Furthermore, various users expressed their disagreement with the idea. One wrote, “Overrated actor. No thanks”. On the same note, another responded with “Boring actor, boring idea.”

So quite clearly the discussion is not going to end until it gets decided by the people involved in the film production. Until then fans can only guess and wait.

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Source: Reddit

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