“Devastated”: Shakira’s Alleged Evil Move Caused Trauma to Pique’s Mother After Their Ugly Break-up

Gerard Pique and Shakira’s breakup has been a topic of discussion since the couple announced their separation in 2022. The couple broke up after the former football player allegedly cheated on the Colombian singer. The drama surrounding their split doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. While the couple started to split due to their issues, the singer has shared that it has been tough for her and her children.

Pique's mother was devastated by his son's split from Shakira
Shakira with her son and Pique’s mother

However, her children are not the only one who has suffered from the aftereffects of their split. Reports have revealed that Pique’s mother has been devastated due to the singer’s behavior toward her.

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Gerard Pique’s Mother is Saddened by Shakira’s Behavior

According to Lecturas magazine, Gerard Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu is saddened by Shakira and Pique’s split. The breakup reportedly has been traumatizing for Pique’s mother. However, one of the most painful things for her has been its effect on her relationship with her grandchildren.

Montserrat Bernabeu and Shakira
Montserrat Bernabeu and Shakira

Bernabeu was reportedly very close with Milan and Sasha as they spend a lot of time with her grandparents when the former couple was away for work. Reports also claimed that Pique’s mother was the “primary caregiver” of Milan and Sasha.

However, followed by her split with the sports star, Shakira allegedly does not want her kids to call Montserrat Bernabeu “grandmom” anymore. Reports claim that it has been the most hurtful thing for her after their breakup as she is very close with her grandsons.

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Gerard Pique Mocks Shakira’s Diss Track For Him

Earlier this month, Shakira released her song Session 53, taking a hit at his ex for cheating on her. The singer compared Pique’s new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, to a Casio saying, “you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, and you traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

However, the former football player hit back at his ex after he signed a sponsorship deal with Casio. During his appearance on King’s League stream, he showed off his Casio watch saying, “Casio has sent us wristwatches.” He further shared that they have signed a sponsorship agreement with Casio.

Gerard Pique also said that his Casio watch would last “a lifetime” as other streamers burst into laughter. Sergio Aguero even said that Casio may have reached out to them for sponsorship due to Shakira’s song.

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Source: Lectures

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