Did DC Comics Just Killed Batman’s Sidekick?

Batman might be the greatest hero ever, but he has had his share of bad luck too. From suffering deep losses to his marriage with Catwoman falling apart, things for our hero have been pretty rough lately. And now the recent events indicate that he might have lost another sidekick.

The trial of Mister Freeze is over now, and Bruce is still finding hard to go beyond his faith issues after the collapse of his romantic relationship with Catwoman. While Dick Grayson/Nightwing is trying his best to cheer Bruce up, the issue #54 reveals the strong relationship between Batman and Nightwing. However, Batman #54 was nothing more than a setup for yet another tragedy lined up for Batman.

In Batman #55, we see Batman and Nightwing patrolling the streets of Gotham when KGBeast turns up. Now if you don’t know, KGBeast was once hired by the crime lords of Gotham to bring The Caped Crusader down in All-Star Batman comics. This time, he’s not here for Batman. He’s here for Nightwing.

Credits: DC Comics

After responding to the Bat signal, Batman and Nightwing are seen standing on the roof, talking to Commissioner Gordon when KGBeast uses a sniper rifle and shoots Nightwing in the head. Gordon calls for help towards the end of the issue, but things look pretty severe for Dick. However, the question is that is Nightwing dead?

Well, probably not. Most likely, the events of the issue will continue over to the upcoming Nightwing #50. This incident will cause the death of “Nightwing” leaving only Dick Grayson behind. Even a teaser art has been released that shows a scar on Dick’s head, accurately where he was shot. So what’s possible here is that Dick Grayson will survive the shooting but will eventually lose his memory in the whole process.

This loss has come at a time when Bruce is already struggling, and it’s still to be seen how Batman reacts to this. Stay tuned for more updates.

Batman #55 by Tom King is out in stores now!

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