‘Did Pique Clone Shakira?’: Pique’s New ‘Homewrecker’ Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti Looks Exactly Like His Ex Shakira

Pop singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Piqué decided to end their 11-year relationship. Their breakup was widely reported and has continued to be a hot topic for some time. The two of them don’t appear to be able to focus on anything else as of now due to all of the ongoing legal matters. It has recently been revealed that the footballer has a new girlfriend due to which the couple separated. Gerard Piqué has made the decision to take advantage of his newfound independence rather than just sit back and relax in his personal life while problems with his ex-wife are resolved in court.

Shakira and Pique separate due to his affair

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique

Rumor has it that Gerard Piqué maintained a wild party lifestyle and that when Shakira found out about his liaison with a young blonde, the 45-year-old left the house. Given that the athlete is one of the most well-known soccer players in the world, there has been much speculation about how he will move past this incident ever since.

The footballer, according to Socialité, never utilized any of his vehicles, instead opting to take a taxi or an Uber to a number of the locations. Riqui Puig and Gerard Piqué’s favourite bar was La Traviesa. There was a report that the employee was the woman the footballer allegedly cheated on Shakira with.

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Custody battles and tax evasion


Shakira and Gerard Piqué were in a relationship for 11 years. Naturally, the separation took a toll on both parties on a significant scale. This included the battle on who will have custody of their children. The singer even made a promising deal with the Barcelona player, stating that she would be willing to share custody with the footballer but still want to take them to Miami with her. The offer was refuted and Gerard Piqué even put up a counter offer. Stating that if Shakira agrees to leave her kids in Catalonia with him, he will provide her five first-class tickets to come and visit her children any time she wants. However, the deals took a backseat as the footballer attained temporary custody of their children. Due to the singer facing other legal issues regarding tax evasion in Spain. As of now, the singer is confident that she is innocent of any financial fraud and will face court with the same mentality.

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His new girlfriend bares a striking resemblance to the singer

Clara Chia Marti
Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Piqué’s infidelity was the reason for the breakup after the Columbian singer found out about the affair. According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the couple met through Gerard Pique’s business, Kosmos, and have been dating for some time. The Barcelona footballer has already made his girlfriend meet his parents and his two kids, Sasha and Milan.

Following the breaking news of Gerard Piqué and Shakira’s breakup, Clara Chia Marti deactivated her social media accounts in an effort to safeguard her identity. However, that hasn’t stopped a photo of her with long, blonde hair and features resembling the Colombian singer’s from going viral around the world.

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Source: MARCA

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