Did PS5 Logo Upset the Fans?

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The Consumer Electronics Show has officially started their journey, and is providing fans with a glimpse of what to expect in the world of technology and beyond. One of the most highly-expected panels at the event had been Sony, as audiences were eager to see what the company would unveil, especially regarding the elusive PlayStation 5

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On Monday night, shortly after the panel started, fans got their answer, and it ended up not satisfying them a lot. Sony mainly revealed the logo for the PlayStation 5, which is simply a “PS5” in the company’s signature font.

People are Poking Fun with their Tweets:


The ceremony and circumstance around the logo captivated and confused people on social media, with many of them poking fun at how underwhelming the logo actually was. Here are just a few of our favorite reactions to it.

Source: ComicBook, Complex

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