“Did she order the divorce on Amazon Prime?”: Jeff Bezos’ Ex MacKenzie Scott Files Divorce From Second Husband Dan Jewett, Fans Claim She Should Pay Jewett’s Half After Bezos Paid Her $38B Alimony

MacKenzie Scott, who once walked away with nearly $37 billion after getting a divorce from Jeff Bezos, is having marital issues for the second time. After her split from billionaire Jeff Bezos in 2019, MacKenzie Scott got married to Dan Jewett, a science teacher, but things took a turn recently as MacKenzie Scott filed for a divorce. It was announced in March 2021 that novelist MacKenzie Scott got married to the chemistry teacher. The novelist has a fortune worth around $34 billion thanks to her 4% stake in Amazon. People on social media trolled her saying that she should pay Dan Jewett.

MacKenzie Scott was married to Jeff Bezos

MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos
MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos got married in 1993

Before Dan Jewett, MacKenzie Scott was married to Jeff Bezos for more than two decades. Following the split, she received a 4% stake in Amazon which was worth $36 billion at the time. After the split, she started making multimillion-dollar donations to nonprofit groups that added up to more than $12 billion in just three years.

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This is MacKenzie Scott’s second failed marriage

MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett
Dan Jewett and MacKenzie Scott’s relationship took a hit

On Monday, the novelist reportedly filed a petition for divorce at the King County Superior Court in Washington. Dan Jewett was the instructor at the school where MacKenzie Scott’s children studied. Sources say Dan Jewett did not object to the divorce. The two announced in March 2021 that they are officially married.

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People on social media trolled her

MacKenzie Scott
MacKenzie Scott has donated over $12 billion

The novelist was trolled on social media after her divorce news broke out. People asked her to pay Dan Jewett just the way Jeff Bezos paid her.

After it was announced that she has a 4% stake in Amazon, she promised that she will “keep donating until the safe is empty.” Her net worth is currently $33.4 billion. Her charity work has attracted global attention as not a lot of billionaires do what she has done.

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