‘Did we judge her too harshly’: Internet Prepares For An Apology As Taylor Swift Encourages Crowd To Stand Up And Applaud BLACKPINK’s Lisa For Winning MTV VMA Best K-Pop Award

The MTV Video Music Awards 2022 were organized in style, with numerous stars gracing the red carpet for the event. And the world saw some illustrious folks adding to their list of laurels. One such person was Lisa, a member of the K-pop group, BLACKPINK. She beat the likes of BTS, Seventeen, and more for the award. She even made history by becoming the first K-pop soloist to grab a VMA. Her accomplishments resulted in her being applauded by another pop icon. None other than Taylor Swift herself.

Taylor Swift applauds Lisa

Taylor Swift and Lisa
Taylor Swift applauds Lisa for winning the MTV VMA

When the 25-year-old went to collect the prize for the Best K-pop award onstage, she received a standing ovation from all corners. Her admirers included a range of performers, from her bandmates to Taylor Swift. Swift seemed particularly delighted by the K-pop soloist’s accomplishment. She not only gave Lisa a standing ovation herself but also egged on other people to do the same.

In a clip of the event, she can be seen persuading other people to stand in support of Lisa.

And the clip has won fans’ hearts. BLINKS couldn’t help but respect Taylor for this gesture.

Twitter comes in praise of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Fans all around praise Taylor Swift

And this opportunity was taken by Swifties to show Swift’s haters the mirror. How could people hate someone so supportive of every other celebrity?

Swifties have come together to show their support for the pop icon they love.

Meanwhile, she also made it big in the VMAs. Swift won Video of the Year, Best Direction, and Best Longform video for All Too Well. But that is the norm for her now.

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Internet reconsiders hating on her for private jet use

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was in the middle of a controversy for causing pollution by private jet use

A lot of people were also hating on Taylor Swift for the allegations of excessive use of private jets leveled against her. According to a study by Yard, Taylor Swift was considered the celebrity responsible for causing the most carbon emission through the use of private jets.

The spokesperson for the US pop star said that the claims against her are “blatantly incorrect”. But people were still quick to begin hating on Swift.

The haters are still at their job, even during the VMAs.

But even those haters are now having to rethink their agenda. That is how big an impact Taylor Swift’s actions in the VMA have made.

She really is the boss.

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