‘Didn’t Have a Problem During Her Conservatorship, Why Now?’: Fans Roast Kevin Federline, His Sons for Immature Character Assassination Attempts by Claiming Her IG Photos Offend Them

In about 24 months, Kevin Federline and his teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, will be completely “self-supporting” as Britney Spears will stop supporting them financially. She has been supporting them throughout her 13 years of conservatorship and people on social media have pointed out that Kevin Federline’s criticism and her sons’ unusual behavior are only because she will stop supporting them soon.

Fans said they’re only criticizing her because Britney Spears will stop supporting them

Britney Spears with her kids
Britney Spears with her kids

A Twitter user pointed out in a tweet that Britney Spears will stop supporting Kevin Federline and his teenage sons Sean Preston, and Jayden James in about 24 months. That means they will be completely on their own after that. The tweet read,

“In 24 months, the Federlines will be 100% self-supporting and no longer living off of
@britneyspears. No one had a problem with being supported by a woman under “conservatorship” for over 13 years, but now IG photos offend them and makes it “tough”? Sir, you ain’t seen tough yet.”

Kevin Federline recently criticized Britney Spears but it backfired as fans started listing out all the privileges he has been enjoying over the years. A lot of fans defended Britney Spears on social media.

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Kevin Federline is trying to defame the singer

Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline

Recently, Kevin Federline said that their children are struggling because Britney Spears posts NSFW pictures on social media, adding that the highly controversial conservatorship “saved her life.” He also shared several videos of Britney Spears arguing with their two sons on his Instagram. It’s clear that his motive is to defame the singer as she will stop supporting him very soon.

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Britney Spears’ argued with her sons

Kevin Federline
Federline with Sean Preston and Jayden James

Britney Spears recently revealed that her sons have made the decision to stop meeting her despite everything she has done for them as a mother. She said their behavior is disrespectful and she did everything for them. She supported the boys and her ex-partner throughout her 13 years of conservatorship.

Source: Twitter

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