Dinosaurs Replaced With Ferrets in Jurassic Park Got Social Media Into A Frenzy

Today’s social media platform has become a crazy world where we encounter weird, funny, and cringeworthy content. It indeed gives a platform to talented artists who create really “out of the box” content. On the other hand, we come across some surprising and crazy art that we have never thought can be possible in the first place. The trend of photoshopped images is prevalent, and it was around three years ago that someone shared pictures of the famous Dinosaur movie- Jurrasic Park, where they replaced Dinosaurs with cute cats. It was also named Purrasic Park, if we are not wrong.

Dinosaurs  Replaced with Ferrets.

The same hilarious pictures from the movie were recently shared on the internet where the Dinosaurs were replaced with Ferrets
Hilarious picture where the Dinosaurs were replaced with Ferrets

These cute, long creatures looked so adorable in the photoshopped images that people went crazy about it.

A series of 6 viral pictures were shared on a Facebook group called “Things that are not aesthetic.” This group has a great fanbase of about 3M followers on Facebook. When asked about their art, this group’s creators say that they love to share pictures, which are the right combination of unaesthetic and cringeworthy content.

A picture where Dinosaurs where replaced with Ferrets
Another picture where Dinosaurs were replaced with Ferrets

The pictures were shared on their Facebook group, but it was soon viral on other social media platforms as well. The topic became “Talk of the Town” when it got noticed on Twitter, and people started sharing and tweeting about it.

The post received more than 50K likes, but the amount of resharing made it go viral.

Image created by "Things that are not aesthetic"
Image created by “Things that are not aesthetic”

People loved the idea of replacing the gigantic Dinosaurs with cute (but giant) Ferrets. It was shared by more than 44K social media users.

One of the Twitter users shared the images and stated that “I don’t know who did this, but I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time”. While some people admired the idea, others criticized it.

One of them even said that “If Ferrets were that big, they would have been worse than dinosaurs.”

Image created by "Things that are not aesthetic".
Image created by “Things that are not aesthetic”.

It is crazy how one weird idea can make it big on the internet and can take no time to spread like wildfire. Few of the comments posted by people as follows.

Comment on facebook post by one of the followers
Comment on facebook post by one of the followers

Post your comments on what you liked about the replaced Dinosaurs.

Subons Staff
Subons Staff

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