Disney: 30 Queer-Coded Disney Characters Other Than Else

LGBTQ+ Community has faced a lot for ages. And representation? Nah! That’s not in the cards. They’ve suffered a lot, but the least we can do is give them the recognition they deserve. This will also help them feel included, accepted and might as well enlarge audiences’ perception! In some of the projects, if they are represented, they’re ended with silly death scenes that don’t even make sense or weren’t required. Don’t ask me for names, there are many! Disney, being such a huge network that impacts both kids and adults does no good either. Instead of respectfully portraying the community, they portray Queer-Coded characters. It’s when a fictional character is shown to be portraying stereotypical traits such a body language, dialogues, or putting them in situations that show they’re queer. However, they do not explicitly state them as being queer. Check out 30 of Disney’s queer-coded characters!

1. Pleakley From Lilo & Stitch On Disney


2. Li Shang From Mulan On Disney

3. Timon And Pumba From The Lion King On Disney

Timon and Pumba on Disney

4. The Reluctant Dragon From The Reluctant Dragon On Disney

5. Scar From The Lion King On Disney

6. Jafar From Aladdin On Disney

Jafar from Aladdin on Disney
Jafar from Aladdin on Disney

7. Francis From A Bug’s Life On Disney

8. Shego From Kim Possible On Disney

9. Artie From Cruella On Disney

10. Ryan Evans And Chad Danforth From The High School Musical On Disney

11. Captain Hook From Peter Pan On Disney

Captain Hook from Peter Pan on Disney
Captain Hook from Peter Pan on Disney

12. Raya And Namaari From Raya And The Last Dragon On Disney

13. Governor Ratcliffe From Pocahontas On Disney

14. Prince John, Sir Hiss, And Little John From Robin Hood On Disney

15. Merida From Brave On Disney

16. Basil And Professor Ratigan From The Great Mouse Detective

17. Karen aka Voyd From Incredibles 2

18. Baloo And Bagheera From The Jungle Book

19. Evelyn Deavor From Incredibles 2

20. Nuka From The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

21. Rider And Honeymaren From Frozen II

22. Vitani From The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

23. Mike And Sulley From Monsters, Inc.


24. Preston B. Whitmore From Atlantis: The Lost Empire

25. Cruz Ramirez And Natalie Certain From Cars 3

26. Terk From Tarzan

27. Cogsworth And Lumière From Beauty And The Beast

28. Luca And Alberto From Luca

29. Guilia From Luca

30. Riley Anderson From Inside Out

If we’ve missed any (which we must’ve), please comment below! Disney is such a large network that must simply portray and include the LGBTQ+ community in their shows and movies. What do you think? Using Queer-Coding is just not what they should do. Millions of people across the globe watch Disney movies and shows, they should be more inclusive and representative! For more entertainment news, follow AnimatedTimes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep yourself up-to-date!

Sukanya Kumar Vasisht
Sukanya Kumar Vasisht

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