Alan Tudyk To Voice Lago

 The lucky charmer a.k.a Alan Tudyk is said to voice Lago in the upcoming Disney movie, Aladdin.

Have a look at this Disney Aladdin new trailer if you haven’t already.

In the animated series of Aladdin which used to come a long time ago, the voice of Iago was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. The actor have done a phenomenal work into the same and his stance is taken in by Tudyk. Alan Tudyk is said to voice Lago, the famous parrot (we loved) beside the villain Jafar.

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In the new trailer, you might see Iago flying around a lot but there are little to no preview of his voice. In the 1992 animated movie, we loved Gottfried doing his voice but don’t worry much, Tudyk will do him justice. People were thinking that the voice of actor of Iago might be anyone from the lot but Tudyk making it to the cut and announcing that he will be voicing the parrot made it a cherry on the cake.

Alan Tudyk as Iago
Alan Tudyk to voice Iago

You might know Tudyk from the Rogue One: A Star Wars in which he played the android K-2DO with the help of motion capture. He is always in the news and recently he voiced King candy from Wreck it Ralph.

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Tudyk as the droid

Disney is doing multiple remakes of their animated movies from all around and Aladdin have made to their cut. The trailer dropped Tuesday and it features Will Smith as Genie.

So gear up for a good ride and a nostalgic summer!

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