The Kingdom Keepers is the series of novels written by Ridley Pearson. The series follows five teens who work in Disney Theme Parks as holographic hosts by day. But that’s not all that they do! By night, they are the ones who battle with Disney villains and stop them. Or else these villains would take all the Disney parks in the world, and the whole of the Disney corporation too.Provided the large number of characters that appear in the Disney parks, the situation not bound to just standard Mickey and Minnie Mouse. When we say all aspects, we mean potentially even the Star Wars and Marvel characters. If they would have yearned to go there, then The Kingdom Keepers series would have encompassed a truly crazy number of characters.

Mixed Emotions

Kevin Smith express Grief as well as Satisfaction
Kevin Smith express Grief as well as Satisfaction

The comedian, Kevin Smith, has clearly shown his disappointment over the inability of his project getting a chance to go forward. However, he has also shed some light on the brighter side. According to Smith, the executive who held off The Kingdom Keepers series, was also the one to give thumbs-up to the Marvel and Star Wars shows. We are talking about The Mandalorian and Wandavision, of which even Smith is a huge fan.

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