Disney Cartoons vs. Japanese Anime: Which Is Better?

It was 1928 when Mickey Mouse made its own black and white debut and we all know that it has made its history. Disney studios has flourished since then and Mickey Mouse is now one of the most recognized cartoon characters on the planet. Be it your grandparents or your 2-year-old kid, everyone knows Mickey! After so many decades, Disney has still kept the audiences entertained by bringing new cartoons and interesting stories.

Animes, on the other hand, come in many different forms, like TV series, short films, and even full-length films. When it comes to anime, Studio Ghibli is often recognized as one of the most well-known anime studios in Japan. Now while it’s could be an unfair comparison, we could still have a look at a few things!

Characteristics  :

Which is better Disney or Japanese anime
Dragon Ball Z is one of the most loved animes

Okay getting straight to the point, animes don’t shy to exaggerate the physical features of their characters. Anime characters usually have large huge eyes and some thick big hair. But when it comes to Disney cartoons, they do have a vivid imagination like talking animals but the humans are still realistic. We mean remember Kim Possible and Gravity Falls or even American Dragon and Proud Family.

Plot they deal with:

Is Disney better than Japanese Anime?
Mickey Mouse with his friends

Disney Cartoons are usually funny ones and even some educational cartoons to teach something to the kids while they spend so much time in front of their tablets and screens. On the other hand, anime can get a bit intense. They might say it is meant for kids but guess what? The moment you decide to watch that “kids” anime, the next thing you know, you have ended up crying tears and have blown up at least an entire box of tissues. And trust us, we all have been there. The animes are full of not just morals but also have a lot of complexity.

Development of Characters:

What makes Anime better than Disney Shows
Who doesn’t love Naruto?

While Disney movies have characters who develop throughout the film, their cartoon shows? Eh not so much. The cartoons usually follow a format and then from the next episode, the character is just doing the same thing. Not many Disney cartoons follow a continuity. A new episode, new story, same cartoon.

Anime characters develop a lot and those chances stay. There is emotional development, physical development, and much more.

Which Has Better Genres:

Disney or Japanese Anime? Which one you choose
Many kids enjoy Sofia the First

Japanese animes have a variety for everyone! From shows such as Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, there is something for every age group. When it comes to Disney Cartoons, well eh, not everyone can get many choices. Cartoons like Sofia the First, Duck Tales, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, though adults can watch it, we won’t really be enjoying them as much as a kid would. So the genres are pretty limited.

What about the mouth movement?

Japanese Anime Have A different touch
Who doesn’t love Shinchan?

Well, anime takes a lot of time to create and cost too. As a result, the studios want to save money and often ignore lip-syncing. The animation is actually completed before they record the dialogue which often doesn’t feel like it matches the dialogue.

But Disney definitely does a zillion times better job when it comes to lip-syncing.

The comparisons are ever going and we don’t mean to disrespect either Disney Cartoons or Japanese anime. But which one is your favorite?

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