Disney CEO Bob Iger teaches Masterclass

Master Class online subscription classes are offering us a chance to learn from the best in Industry. As this is a known fact, MasterClass announced a new course update. The Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney also started his course in MasterClass. If you need any tips for handling the CEO position in one of the biggest world-known companies, here he is. Bob Iger, Walt Disney Company’s Head, is going to help you find out what to check out for your next major acquisition. The CEO will teach business strategy and leadership in his course. He will reportedly dig into his analysis and decisions that helped Disney’s major acquisitions under his leadership.

MasterClass CEO about Bob Igor

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CEO of Master Class Mr. David Rogier

In a press release, co-founder and CEO of Master Class Mr. David Rogier stated, “Bob Iger is a master strategist. He is one of the best CEOs who lead with great integrity”. You indeed have to take this class if you want to go ahead and understand what the best leaders do.
The strategies behind the most prestigious Marvel, Pixar acquisitions to building Disney Plus in addition to practical lessons, shall be shared by Bob.

Bob Iger with Disney

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Disney CEO, Bob Iger

Bob wants to give back the learning he encountered from his career. With his Masterclass, he imparts the teachings of his great teacher’s lessons taught him.
Under him, Disney made historic acquisitions like Marvel in 2009, Pixar in 2006, 21st Century Fox in 2019, and Lucasfilm in 2012. It also made its Mainland China’s watershed expansion with the Shanghai Disney Resort opening in 2016. Iger started his career on ABC Television, where he worked for two decades. During his tenure, Disney acquired it, and this transitioned him into a leadership position. As time passed, he proved himself winning several awards for him and Disney making it the World’s Most Admirable Country.

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Bob Iger in the masterclass

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