Disney Marvel Character Crossovers

As Disney acquired Marvel, artists from around the globe combined Disney characters with the Marvel ones.

And some of the results of these unseemly crossovers turned out to be phenomenal.

Disney characters as Avengers

Disney has been a part of everyone’s childhood – and quite similar to it so has Marvel. And now that these two have joined forces, so have different artists.

They have combined their love for Disney with their love for Marvel and reimagined some of our favorite Disney characters as a part of Marvel’s Avengers.

  1. Buzz As Iron-Man – By Bosslogic

Buzz Lightyear in Iron Man Costume

Bosslogic joins the Iron Man ensemble with Buzz Lightyear’s already amazing armor and presents to us this masterpiece.

As an adept space officer, Buzz would profit by a suit like Tony’s and that look is definitely smart.

  1. Cap Vs Tony – By Marisa Chandler

Woody in Captain America's Costume fighting Buzz in Iron Man's costume

Marisa Chandler perfectly reproduces the fight between Tony and Steve with Buzz and Woody playing Iron man and Cap, respectively.

Woody and Buzz albeit apparently, closest companions weren’t always civil with each other, which is almost the same story as that of Cap and Tony.

  1. Thor As A Disney Prince – By Cinetrix

Thor is dreamy, just ask the women from Agents of SHIELD. And Chris Hemsworth is definitely the personification of this dreamy prince, just ask any woman around.

So it’s safe to say, this look of Marvel’s Thor as a Disney prince is much appreciated.

  1. Spider-Mickey – By Clayton Crain

Mickey Mouse shooting web as Spiderman

We’ve seen Mickey take on numerous roles in his long history, yet considering him to be an Avenger would be new and completely worth the watch.

This reimagination of Mickey in the Spider-Man suit is absolutely brilliant.

  1. Beast As The Hulk (Halloween Costumes) – By Isaiah Stephens

Hulk from Avengers and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast are both considered to be terrifying savages. But under all that temper tantrum is a man with the softest of hearts. And this depiction of the Beast as Hulk is truly accurate.

  1. Disney Princesses As Avengers – By Bailee Abell

Bailee Abell presents to us this artwork and truly catches how everyone’s favorite Disney princesses like Belle, Moana, and Tiana are the point at which they’re given powers and cool suits.

These princesses are so much more than just beautiful damsels in distress.

  1. Disneyvengers – By Carton Cookie

The Earth’s mightiest heroes are visualized as the exemplary base of Disney characters – Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pete.

From the classic costumes to the heroic and courageous looks, it’s undeniably clear that one shouldn’t meddle with these folks under any conditions.

  1. Disney Princesses as Avengers – By halloweencostumes.com

halloweencostumes.com has imagined various Disney Princesses as Avengers and each one seems better than the rest – From Elsa as Scarlet Witch to Snow White as Captain America – each interpretation is perfectly apt.

  1. Disney Princess As Avengers – By Featherpelt

This entry reconsiders our preferred Disney princes as Avengers and it looks absolutely perfect.

We have Beast as the enormous green giant, the cocky yet benevolent Kuzco as Iron man, Hercules as Thor, and obviously the mischievous Scar as the God of Mischief, Loki.

  1. Cartoon Avengers – By Cartoon Cookie

Cartoon Cookie once more came up with this version of the Avengers, reimagined as classic Disney characters.

This time we have more characters as all 6 original Avengers present and the artist reproduces the first poster of the Avengers movie with.

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