Disney+ Edits Out Racial Slur From MCU Short Film, Fans Are Confused

The MCU continues to be one of the domineering forces in Hollywood after more than a decade in existence. Despite being rocked by the controversy that saw Avengers: Endgame becoming the highest-grossing movie ever, the franchise has since bounced back impressively with its projects, including Thor: Love and Thunder coming this year. While every MCU show and film has particularly enjoyed the success, OneShot is the one that got abandoned by Marvel Studios.

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MCU Short Films
Disney+ and Marvel Studios

All of these smaller side stories were primarily extras found on OneShot, but most did not do much to move the greater Marvel story forward through their own personal arcs. While some of these jaunts elsewhere in the universe did expand on what was already there, overall as a viewer you may feel that there is not enough room for your favorite characters and stories in the main MCU movies.

Marvel Is More Focused Towards Impactful Storytelling And Not MCU Short Films

While Marvel Studios has their eyes on the future, going forward with their next decade of super-powered storytelling and films, they have made some time to look back once again at the edits that might have slipped because of their in-house streaming services. One way the company has decided to help some old elements fit into new ideas is by looking back at projects and making them better than they once were. In this regard, Disney+ does its best work with a spirit of constant renewal, especially when it comes down to digging up new characters and updating old ones for current audiences.

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MCU Short Films OneShot
MCU Short Films: OneShot

Disney+ Makes Changes To Racial Slur From MCU Short Film

In the previous scene of Iron Man 3, a group of inmates questions Trevor Slattery about whether he is the actual Mandarin. The new edit that has recently been revealed by Marvel replaces a racial slur with “person”. Though Disney may be looking to purge certain material that may be deemed offensive from their catalog, it’s strange that they would choose this particular instance to take on first.

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MCU's short film All Hail the King
Marvel’s All Hail the King

While this edit is questionable, it makes sense for the Disney Company to clear its content of any potentially offensive terminology. Strangely, they didn’t take this opportunity while they were at it by removing what could be seen as a slur against Native Americans. By doing so they seem to be making a conscious effort to censor to appease and satisfy those who are offended by certain words used as opposed to censoring anything else with ‘thematic material’ that might have offended people for example.

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