Disney Fox Deal is said to Close Next Week

Disney Fox Deal
Disney Fox Deal

It is happening. Yes, what you have heard about the Disney and the Fox deal, is said to happen next week. It is one of the most turning point for the media and they are about to get some seismic shifts in the course of history.

Disney And Fox Deal Is Almost Over

Disney merging with Fox (announced earlier)

Walt Disney’s Acquisition of the Famous Fox Network and Entertainment is just a week away from closing and you cannot wait to see your Mickey Mouse with the fierce X Men. In a filing which is submitted to the media, Disney have said that they are closing their deal sharp at 12.02 am on the coming Wednesday.

The incredible and the powerful studio of Disney have made its way upto the top and it is true that they are the leading generations of the society. They have a list of assets already and they are undertaking some more. While absorbing the most powerful studios in Hollywood, they are opening a vast umbrella and expanding their empire.

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Many of the regulators have said that they don’t want Disney to own the sport channels like they already own ESPN. In order for that, Disney have agreed to sell off their sport channel networks and regulators from all around. While they might have lost this deal from their hand but including Fox into their network is so much more. Around 73 billion of revenue have been made from purchasing Fox’s media assets.

Fox is roughly divided into Fox Network, Fox News and Fox Sports and under Disney, they will be categorised into Fox Corporation.

People cannot stop tweeting and retweeting about the same.

Disney have said that they are taking soul control of the FX network. Everything will be in the control of Disney like the movies you have seen from Avatar to X Men. The Die Hard Franchise, Kingsman, all of it. Imagine Bruce Willis performing with Minnie Mouse anytime soon.

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Is it really that great?

This may sound interesting to you, but there is a dark side that most of us are unaware with. With the acquisition and the purchasing of the Fox Network, there will be more layoffs now. It will be hard for the new comers in the Hollywood industry. Since Hollywood is laying off so many studios from their hands, it will become hard for the people to cope up with the changes. And with the potential schemes going around, it might be true. Fox wouldn’t be allowed to film anything which violates the property of Disney.

21st Century Fox shareholders are yet to decide their term of payment. The new stock of cash will be distributed around 8 am on Tuesday.

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