Disney+ Gets Trolled By Stephen Colbert For Buffering Issues

The popular streaming services, Disney+, just launched on November 12, 2019, while the fans did seem quite excited for the launch, there is an instance of a party pooper. Though many fans were hoping to enjoy the streaming service without a hitch, but turns out there were unexpected issues. One of them was the users facing problems while logging into their accounts. However, a popular figure just dragged Disney+ for the significant issue faced by the users. 

Stephen Colbert’s Dig at Disney+

Stephen Colbert's Dig at Disney+
Stephen Colbert Trolls the streaming services + for various issues.

The unexpected issues did not go unnoticed by the people. Many people are still hilarious about the situation. But they were not alone, and it seems Stephen Colbert joined the crowds by trolling Disney+ for the streaming issues.

Stephen Colbert's Dig at Disney+
Guess the late night host faces the same issues as all of us: Buffering!

The host of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert shared a post on Twitter dragging the streaming services. He jokes about one of the significant problems that users have been hitting, ‘buffering.’

Buffering is one of the significant issues users have run into with Disney+. The problems seem to appear for some users due to the overwhelming demand.

Disney+ Statement

Disney+ Statement
The streaming services welcomes the users and appreciates their patience.

The launch of the streaming services was supposed to be huge. The Disney+ Twitter account shared a statement early on Tuesday. The streaming services provider notes that the demand had even exceeded their expectations. 

But users seem to be pretty satisfied with Disney+ beyond its buffering issues. Gargoyles is a pretty solid hit, and the series is appearing on the service in uncensored format. Previously, the unedited versions were available only on home release. Guess Disney+ could be a huge deal in the future. 

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