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Disney is going to launch Disney+ Streaming services, and it has all of us excited. Disney reveals that everything will be available on Disney+ as they plan to start their streaming services. There are various Star Wars movies along with old Disney movies, which will be launched on Disney+. This streamer is a subscription-based service that is starting the next year. This is after Apple TV launching the stram services from November 1, 2019. Disney does have an advantage due to its vast catalog of movies and TV shows.

Disney Releases The Trailer

Disney just released a three-hour extended trailer to promote the Streaming services. Disney first came up with a long thread on Twitter with all the catalogs of the Disney movies and series. Along with this, Disney released a trailer revealing the Disney+ Launch Day titles.

Looking at twitter, one can rest assured that it is long. But you wait! Wait till you check out the movie trailer, which is 3+ hours long, showcasing every Disney movie. That being said, you could probably finish a season or two of your favorite sitcom, yet the trailer will continue to play.

Disney TV Shows and Movies

Disney TV Shows and Movies
The Mandalorian to be the part of Disney+


Disney+ streaming services will include original TV shows and movies like The Mandalorian, Lady and the Tramp along with animated and live-action films produced by mouse house. The new Twitter post from Disney Listed out the names of shows and videos which are unheard of.

Even though the streaming services on Disney+ is revealed to have the shows and movies, some prominent names are missing. Disney’s famous live-action movie Song of the South will not be included in Disney+ streaming services. Along with this, Disney is also cutting down scenes from Disney classics. For instance, the crow scene in the animated movie Dumbo is cut to avoid promoting racist or insensitive situations. This isn’t the first time that Disney has tried to make changes in a historical film. Disney can quickly re-release Song of the South with an introduction discussing the historical context of the movie. Irrespective, Disney feels its better to follow the current scenario.

Source: Comicbook, Screenrant

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