Disney: Weirdest Spin-Off Cartoons You Forgot About

Weirdest Disney spinoffs cartoons you probably forgot. Disney, being one of the biggest production houses ever, knows when to invest and when to back out. However, every once in a while we find the Mouse in a tough spot because what they put out is actually “weird”. From great spinoffs like Timon and Pumba to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Disney has somewhat learned to draw the lines. So here’s a list of some weirdest Disney spinoffs cartoons that you probably forgot about. Check it out!

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series

Disney and their weirdest spinoff cartoons
Disney and their weirdest spinoff cartoons

The Mighty Ducks is an original live-action Disney feature film that spawned several sequels. However, the spinoff was really obnoxious as it was about a group of anthropomorphic hockey-playing alien ducks who landed on Earth after a battle with their mortal enemies. The show cam equipped with the backstory and all the necessary information, but it was just out of sync. 

The Emperor’s New School (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Weirdest Disney spinoffs - The Emperor's New School
Weirdest Disney spinoffs – The Emperor’s New School

The 2000 animated film first got a sequel and then a spinoff, which was overall weird. The Emperor’s New School hit Disney in 2006 with some of the previous actors returning. It’s pretty much canon as the series talks about the events in the film too. The story, however, is really inconsistent which will leave you wondering why you’re even watching it. 

The 7D (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

The 7D - Weirdest Disney Spinoff
The 7D – Weirdest Disney Spinoff

Honestly, Disney should have known better while making this. First of all. What’s up with the title? The title 7D was supposed to make the show sound hip and trendy, but it failed to do so. The show was basically a desperate attempt at comedy and maybe even to feed off of the classic story once again. 

Jungle Cubs (The Jungle Book)

Disney spinoffs - The Jungle Cubs
Disney spinoffs – Jungle Cubs

The Jungle Book is a property of Disney that has given them a lot, in monetary terms. So, it made all the sense that such a hit intellectual property is getting its own show. But the main problem with the entire execution is that it came 30 years after the film’s debut. Moreover, it was a prequel that followed the adventures of Baloo, Hahti, Bagheera, Louie, Kaa, and Shere Khan. It basically seemed like a desperate attempt from Disney, but 30 years?


Hercules animated Disney spinoff
Hercules animated Disney spinoff

Both, the movie and the animated series were a disappointment for Disney in all terms. The animated series debuted in 1999 on The Disney Channel and changed the course of the Greek God. He is now seen in his teenage years going to SCHOOL.

The Lion Guard (The Lion King)

The Lion Guard Disney spinoff
The Lion Guard Disney spinoff

Who doesn’t remember the tale of Mufasa? The Lion King was a hit then and is a hit now. Being one of the biggest 90s hits, it was obvious that a spinoff was in the works. That was Timon and Pumba which went on for 85 animated episodes. So what if The Lion Guard? It’s between two films and nature just can’t be decided. It’s confusing and totally unnecessary. 

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