Disney’s Already Developing Aladdin 2, Which Will Focus On Jafar’s Return

Disney has a habit of reprising their timeless cartoon animations in live-action. It might not always go down well with movie critics, but you can’t suggest with those box office numbers. Analysts expect that The Lion King will strike enormous when it gets here next week. It will be how the Aladdin remake smashed with $900 million back in May. It’s not too surprising that Disney is working on Aladdin 2.


Rumours around Aladdin 2 to be focused on Jafar

Rumours around Aladdin 2 to be focused on Jafar
Aladdin 2 is said to be focused on Jafar.

Sources have revealed that Disney is developing an Aladdin 2. Much of the cast from the very first movie might return. The project is in the earliest stages of advancement; it’s unclear if Guy Ritchie will be back for the follow-up. Resources claim that the story will adhere to The Return of Jafar. It will be the straight-to-video follow-up to the computer-animated flick launched in 1994.


As the title suggests, the sequel’s tale saw the bad Grand Vizier-turned-Genie getaway from the Cave of Wonders to ruin Agrabah once again. Honestly, the movie isn’t one of Disney’s finest hours, as the story is quite small. The filmmakers behind the new Aladdin might use the framework of the computer-animated version.  They might come up with something different.


How the Genie might play a role in Aladdin 2

How the Genie might play a role in Aladdin 2

However, there might be one hiccup right here. 2019’s Aladdin ended with the titular hero yearning for Genie to end up being human. Will Smith’s personality was last seen cruising around the globe with his new family. Genie’s magic powers are a significant part of the franchise’s allure. They might need to create some method of putting him back into the light. Probably Jafar, who’s now a Genie himself, might change truth once more as part of his revenge?

Disney’s history with franchises 

Disney has resisted the need to transform their live-action remakes right into franchises. That’s aside from Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent, yet those are somewhat different situations. However,  it looks like Aladdin could be the first one to obtain a follow-up.


Watch the trailer for Aladdin (2019) here:


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