Disney's Casting A Native American Actress For The Pocahontas Remake

Executives at Disney are set to milk these live-action remakes as much as they can. According to sources, next up on the list appears to be Pocahontas. The Academy Award-winning 1995 film had mixed evaluations from critics and followers alike. They praised the computer animation and music of the film. However, many people resented the motion picture’s story and also racial overtones.


Disney Focusing On Appropriate Representation In Pocahontas

Disney Focusing On Appropriate Representation In Pocahontas

No doubt, the studio will attempt to prevent these mistakes this time around. Disney is currently looking for a Native American starlet to star in the titular role.  It works as an initiative to stay clear of yet another casting controversy. Similar to the upcoming remake of Mulan, there’s a possibility that this feature will forgo banter that made both of the first flicks so fun. It’s unclear whether the studio will do away with the songs, which is what made Pocahontas so remarkable, to begin with.


Disney Shifting To Authentic Remakes Of Their Movies

Disney Shifting To Authentic Remakes Of Their Movies

It’s also most likely that Disney will try to be much more historically accurate in this reimagining. The 1995 film played fast and loose with the truth. It attracted the displeasure of the community they were hoping to stand for on-screen. The brand-new Mulan is allegedly trying to stick near to the real story too, though China completely disagrees.


Pocahontas Still In Early Stages

From what we recognize, this film is still in the very onset of production. By the time it pertains to fruition years from now, the general public may currently burn out on every one of these remakes. Pocahontas is, in fact, one of the minority flicks that is worthy of another shot though. There’s plenty to like concerning the original movie. But, there is additionally a lot of defects that can hopefully smoothen out in the remake with aid from the Native American neighbourhood.

This underrepresented group is worthy of a big-budget film that tells the tale of their individuals. 


Mulan, another movie that had critical conflicts due to authenticity, has released its trailer. Watch it here:


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