Disney’s Marvel Films Shifts An Untitled Film from their 2020 Calendar Amidst the Pandemic Scenario!!

While Disney is in the process of procuring 20th Century Fox, the Mouse House pushes an untitled Marvel film from their 2020 catalog.

Movie Rescheduled – Coronavirus the Cause

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Walt Disney Studios just issued a massive change to their release calendar for the rest of the year

Since Disney and Fox revising their scheduled release slates in the knowledge of their imminent deal, the Mouse House has shifted an untitled Marvel Studios film from their 2020 calendar. In addition to that, Disney has also propelled back Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s Jungle Cruise to the year 2020 from 2019. Fox also migrated its Death on the Nile, the Murder on the Orient Express sequence, from its initial 2019 announcement day back to 2020.

Simple Flags To Mark Marvel’s Territory

In Disney’s updated release calendar, the Marvel Studios movie scheduled to release on February 18, 2022, has since been removed entirely.

Although, there is also another untitled Marvel movie that was appointed for October 7, 2022, as well as the complete slate for 2023 untouched by all of these obstacles because they are signals to mark their region. Marvel Studios might not even have definite ideas for all of these announcement dates at this point of time, so the claim that one film was “shifted” does not indicate that they are eliminating a plan collectively. This is simply an inevitable movement after the dominoes fell from Black Widow’s suspension, along with many different creations from Walt Disney Studios.

Still A Mystery Across the Globe

As the effects of the coronavirus continue to ravage many industries across the globe, it’s still a mystery as to when work will resume in Hollywood.

As the consequences of the coronavirus proceed to disrupt various industries beyond the globe, it is yet uncertain as to when some activity will continue in Hollywood, when the film shows resume, and what the market itself will seem like when life reverts to a feeling of normalcy. As AMC shows assets evaluation being lowered and other venue strings expected to grieve the same future, we might be staring at a completely different film business when the warning of coronavirus and COVID-19 eventually falls.

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