A video has surfaced on the video via social media which shows a customer attempting to get his money back on his newly purchase of Fallout 76. Though he doesn’t reveal why’d he doesn’t seem to find of the game’s new online structure. Here’s the video:

At the first, we see the manager all calm explaining it’s probably due to policy. He didn’t have a receipt which means that all he could do is trade it in for store credit.

The customer says that he’s upset with the game, then steps off camera for a second as another customer makes his way into the store. However, the consumer begins trashing out items in the store. He even brings a whole Stand down and then proceeds towards the door before taking down another case of games.

Meanwhile, the manager named Brian remained calm throughout but then answered the phone at the end of the video as if nothing has happened. But this is gamer rage gone wrong.

It’s not yet known if the customer was charged with destruction but it’s likely that the police will the investigating the matter.

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