Do You Believe In Predictions? The Fallout of Spider-Man And Marvel May Have Been Predicted.

It’s a crazy world out there and no one can seem to explain what’s going on. But it looks like some comedy TV series like The Simpson’s or The Good Place might just have prophetic power. The Simpsons foreshadowing Donald Trump becoming President and sarcastically hinting at the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series might have simply shocked one too many.

In the fifth episode of the tenth season of The Simpsons called When You Dish Upon a Star, a scene showing 20th Century Fox Studio’s being a division of Walt Disney Co is seen. Could they have predicted the future almost 19 years ago?

The Good Place is about ethics. But now, prophetic too?

The Good Place is about ethics. But now, prophetic too?
How truer can they get?!


Passing on the baton to NBC’s The Good Place which previously predicted in Season 2 that Jacksonville Jaguars could never win the Super bowl and the world was shocked how the prediction came true during the 2017-2018 Super Bowl season.

Now, they might have done it again predicting that there would be no more Spider-Man movies almost a year before Sony and marvel split it ways. In the fourth episode of The Good Place Season 3, titled “Jeremy Bearimy,” Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) notes that the perfect world would be one where there were no more Spider-Man movies.

Her Rule Number Two

Her Rule Number Two
I’ll have to disagree Eleanor. There can never be too many Spider-Man movies

I’ll have to disagree Eleanor. There can never be too many Spider-Man movies

When complaining to a random bartender about how people as whole should operate, Eleanor begins laying out her rules for an ideal society, since the bartender tells her “there has to be rules.” Her first rule is that she gets to do whatever she wants and that everyone has to deal with it, which is pretty on-par for Eleanor. However, she then uses her second rule to completely ban the production of Spider-Man movies.

“Rule number two: No more Spider-Man movies,” she says. “There’s way too many Spider-Man movies. Too many dorky, little, twerpy Spider-Men.”

Slightly different, but that’s reality

Slightly different, but that’s rea
Sony might be cooking Spider-Verse 2

This is obviously a little bit different that what is currently happening in the real world surrounding Spider-Man. There are going to be more Spider-Man movies; there’s no way that will ever change. As long as people are alive there will be Spider-Man movies. But there may not be any more Spider-Man movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there’s a good chance that the ones that Sony does produce in the near future will look a lot different than those with Kevin Feige’s fingerprints.

This isn’t anywhere near the death of Spider-Man movies, but it is the end of an era for Marvel based Spider-Man. That’s a close prediction. The first three seasons of The Good Place are currently streaming on Netflix and Season 4 premieres on NBC September 26th.

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