Will Dead Men tell tales in the new series of Dr. Mirage?

While an old saying says that dead men tell no tales, that has never been the situation for the hero of Valiant Entertainment, Doctor Mirage. Together with the capacity Shan Fong eventually became America supernatural detective and aided their deaths are solved by the deceased.

But, Doctor Mirage’s death-defying times might conclude Magdalene Visaggio, Nick Robles, Jordie Bellaire and Dave Sharpe’s Doctor Mirage Collection.

What will happen to Shan?

What will be the fate of Valiant Universe?
What will be the fate of Valiant Universe?

At the show, Doctor Mirage will find himself cut away from the deceased. Without the soul of her husband Hwen or a chorus of all voices that are undead to direct her, Shan will find herself in a universe that is quiet and strange.

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“We are going to stop by the pieces of Hell the devil is not able to proceed,” Visaggio explained. “I expect to tell a story about somebody in her year, rebuilding her life out of its literal wreckage.”

Valiant Universe seeks to be explored.

As Doctor Mirage attempts to determine what happened to its abilities, the show will investigate the mysterious side of the Valiant Universe.

“The genre supplies a whole lot of opportunities to play with texture, designs, and items that portray charming and scenic subjects in enjoyable ways,” Robles said. “I am having a good deal of fun with approaches to pull and push this beautifully weird comic that we are generating.”

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