Doctor Strange 2: All Of America Chavez’s Abilities, Explained

She flies, she punches, she has a whiny teenage voice actor — everything you could ask for in a superhero. But just because America Chavez is going to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness doesn’t mean we should expect her to be any different than her three predecessors. Under the guidance of Hannibal Buress and the world’s greatest sorcerer, will this young hero rise above it all or have to deal with breakups or boredom like Stan Lee predicted? Here’s everything you need to know about America Chavez’s abilities –

Who Is She?

America Chavez is a warrior from a different world. An orphan, she was raised to be humble and kind. She became one of her universe’s greatest heroes. She has gained incredible physical prowess with the ability to open portals between universes and absorb the energy of anything she touches. Beyond her superhero career, America Chavez is known for her work at Frontline which helps young people know their rights.

America Chavez in Marvel Comics
America Chavez in Marvel Comics

As a Marvel character, Ms. America has been at the center of many important Marvel Universe stories that have revolved around the Multiverse. One of her most prominent roles as a superhero was joining an almost entirely-male super team. She was charged with protecting a young sorcerer who would become destined for much more than anyone had imagined. It wasn’t until 2015’s Secret Wars storyline that America finally got to reside in Arcadia, a paradisiacal realm on Battleworld ruled entirely by women.

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America Chavez’s Abilities Explained

Ms. America is one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Multiverse, with Loki remarking that she may be indestructible. She uses her portals to travel from dimension to dimension, and nearly all of her abilities can affect Asgardians, who are considered to be extremely powerful as well. Even so, there are little or no documented attempts by anyone to defeat or stop Ms. America from using brute force alone. One reason for this may be because of how few people have witnessed her killing someone – almost all her enemies have been made the same offer: if they will let themselves die, Ms. America will do so, making sure that everyone she kills survives their experience with her intact – but only a handful agree every time she offers them peace.

America Chavez in Marvel Comics
America Chavez in Marvel Comics

Whereas many of Marvel’s cosmic heroes rely solely on their superpowers, Ms. America can sense disruptions in space and time and inevitably feel drawn to the greatest cosmic events out there. Whereas she shares her power with the likes of Thor, Hulk, Angel, and Ghost Rider to boot, it seems that Ms. America’s frequency is always locked onto an episode of Dr. Strange’s adventures which she refers to as a “multiversal GPS.”

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America Chavez In Doctor Strange 2: What All We Could Expect

America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2
America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2

Little is known about the prevalent area that America Chavez inhabits. Thus, it’s difficult to speculate whether or not she will provide any cues or signals towards Doctor Strange. However, she could be a guide through the new area being introduced. She could also serve as a brute within the magical realm, helping Strange defeat anything that dares get in his way.

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