Doctor Strange 2: Marvel Looking For New Director, And Actors To Play Namor And Miss America Chavez

What’s the status of Doctor Strange 2 after the exit of director Scott Derrickson? Will the multiversal plot be altered now? Will Namor appear in the movie?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is expected to begin shooting soon. As soon as May to be precise. Once shooting begins, fans can expect to get more details about the movie from set photos, encounters, interviews and such. But till then Marvel’s main focus will be to find a director after Scott Derrickson left the project citing creative differences with Kevin Feige. That’s not all, there’s a lot of casting to be done as well.

What’s The Directorial And Script Status Of Doctor Strange 2?

Scott Derrickson is not attached to Doctor Strange 2. Pic courtesy:
Scott Derrickson is not attached to Doctor Strange 2. Pic courtesy:

Since Derrickson is no longer involved so it remains to be seen if Doctor Strange’s sequel will be getting some last-minute rewrites or not. The script, for now, is being penned by Jade Halley Bartlett. But a new director might want some changes. As for Derrickson,yes he will be retaining the executive producer credit but everyone knows that it’s very ceremonial and doesn’t really amount to anything.

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What Are The Plot Details Of Doctor Strange 2?

Namor can appear in Doctor Strange 2. Pic courtesy: the
Namor can appear in Doctor Strange 2. Pic courtesy: the

For now we only know one thing for certain about Doctor Strange 2. It is the fact that the movie will follow directly from the events of the Disney+ show WandaVision. There are even rumours that Doctor Strange will be appearing in the very last episode of WandaVision to rescue her from her own delusions. We also know that the use of multiple alternate realities is going to be an important point in MCU’s phase four.

As for the casting, nobody else apart from the four leads has been casted yet. But there’s going to be a lot of supporting roles to fill for sure. Also there are a lot of rumoured cameos ranging from Deadpool to Wolverine and more. But something tells us none of that will happen. Apart from this, there are also rumours that Marvel has put out a casting call for someone who is described very similarly to Miss America. If this is making your head spin then the latest rumours will make you more dizzy. It seems like the villainous Namor could be popping up in the movie’s multiverse. But with Namor, there is the issue of rights with Universal and if Marvel will get it back. But even if they can’t get it back, they can surely use him in a supporting role just like they have done with Hulk, who has the same rights issue with Universal.

Not gonna lie, we really want to see Namor. Moreover it will be a great way for MCU to test audience reactions to him especially since he is so similar to DC’s Aquaman. But competing with Jason Momoa and his muscles will be a tough job for sure.

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