Doctor Strange 2 Theory: The TVA & Illuminati Are Rival Agencies

Loki had introduced a unique concept that wasn’t yet seen in the MCU: the Time Variance Authority. And it looks like the introduction of the shady organizations will flourish, as the recently released trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features the Illuminati. With each meddling in the multiversal affairs, a new fan theory hints that Kang was also once part of the Illuminati but was later kicked out, creating the TVA.

What is the TVA?


The TVA is a really powerful organization that’s in charge of correcting the “sacred timeline” throughout all time and space, while its style feels as though it got stuck around the 1960s. For instance, when Loki investigates the hidden variant of himself, all TVA information is seen stored in folders of paper, while the computers use old monitors and keyboards. While this could be a stylistic choice by the TVA, a recent Reddit theory by Wonderbread1999 hints that this style is intentionally used to hide from the Illuminati.

It’s been long-speculated by most fans that Kang the Conqueror was also a part of the Illuminati, as he does rank among the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse. No matter reason what, Kang was eventually kicked-out and went on to form his TVA in response, due to his need for control of his multiversal variants.

Will we see Kang in Doctor Strange 2?

Kang the Conquerer
Kang the Conquerer

If we continue with this idea, this theory also hints at the retro technology which helps keep Kang stay hidden from the Illuminati. As we have seen in the trailer for Doctor Strange 2, the building of the Illuminati is seen as futuristic, with absolutely clean white walls. So, in case Kangwanted to separate himself, the TVA’s design would be the way to proceed. The appearance it has on the surface makes it seem less advanced than it really is, while there are no traces of Kang before Sylvie takes his life, only for one more Kang variant to take over.

While we have to support that this is the creation of the Time Keepers, as Kang ends up making this fictional team to pose as the leaders of the TVA. This helped in scrubbing all connections of the TVA to himself, so in case, the Illuminati, alongside their Ultron-bots were to inspect it, nothing would look or seem amiss. It’s also possible that precautions were in place to halt all the bots from an attack, as Loki’s first episode shows that the TVA does have machines that can detect if someone is actually an android or a machine.

We know Kang is powerful enough to control the entire timeline of the MCU, but that doesn’t mean he’s well-protected from Illuminati’s wrath. They might very well be ruling over the entire multiverse in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, so even a character like Kang needs to keep out of their sight. While we do not have evidence for or against this theory, it would oviously explain some of the TVA’s peculiar design choices.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives in theaters May 6.

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