Doctor Strange 2: Wong Actor Reveals Favorite MCU Star, Reacts To X-Men Crossover

We can’t keep calm as Doctor Strange 2 is just releasing in a week! The fans are excited to see what Multiverse Madness lies for them. Thanks to  Spider-Man: No Way Home, we are aware that Doctor Strange did mess with the timeline, and that led to multiple villains and Spider-Men coming into the MCU timeline. Though we saw Doctor Strange fixing his mistake during the climax, but has it really been fixed?

Wong is going to be so pissed since he had already sternly warned Strange to not perform that magic. The upcoming movie is already being regarded as the best by the studios thanks to the heroes and the hype created among the fans.

While Scarlet Witch is joining Doctor Strange, we have a new superhero aka America Chavez joining the MCU too. Many fans are also waiting to see how much Wong shouts at the superhero, but there’s more to his character

America Chavez, Wong, and Doctor Strange in action!

Wong is going to be SUPER BUSY since he is the Sorcerer Supreme!

Doctor Strange 2 star wants to work with this actor
Abomination and Wong fighting each other in Shang-Chi

This seemed to be a major disappointment to everyone when they revealed that the title has been given to Wong and Strange lost it thanks to the blip and the seniority. He is of course so busy in the MCU and we have seen that. He appeared in Shang-Chi and there are rumors about him making an appearance in She-Hulk as well. But the actor Benedict Wong has some actors he really wants to have a cross over with

Which Crossover is Wong looking forward to?

Doctor Strange 2 actor wants to hang out with X-men
A still from Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

While talking to, the “Sorceror Supreme” was asked which character he would love to do a crossover within MCU, a character whom he hasn’t met yet. He didn’t take much time to equally answer, “Samuel L. Jackson.” But that wasn’t the end. He further added that he would like to meet the X-Men, especially Nightcrawler and X-Force. Here’s what Wong had to say:

Oh wow… I’d love to work with the Samuel L. Jackson… which other worlds are we… I mean, if ever the X-Men are around, I’d like to hang out with the X-Men… I’m a big Marvel comics fan back in the day and obviously, I always remembered the Secret Wars, where everybody was involved… Who else? X-Force, Nightcrawler, all of those. What I love about this and I thank the MCU… [I have] portal world travel… so the more, the merrier.”

Now that is definitely an interesting choice. Thanks to his title, we are sure that Wong is going to be around for a long time unless he is killed in the upcoming film. Maybe he could meet him in the Secret Wars. As far as hanging out with the X-Men is concerned, thanks to Patrick Stewart’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2, Wong can finally hang out with one of the best!

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