Fans have huge expectations for phase 4. Already many movies like Thor part 4 and Doctor Strange part two are in this phase. There are many questions among fans as if there will be a role for Spider-Man in Phase 4.

Also, Marvel has announced a Black Panther 2. The MCU phase four is in full swing to make fans go crazy. Many rumors surround this phase-4 projects.

Dr.Strange in the Endgame and phase 4

Doctor strange 2 marvel black logo
Doctor Strange 2 marvel black logo

Benedict Cumberbatch will play as Dr. Strange in “the multiverse of madness” in Phase 4. This movie may give out some answers to questions raised by fans in the Endgame movie. Dr. Strange is one of the leading assets in both the Infinity War and Endgame.

He was the person who knew how the war would end for the avengers and also foresaw the events that will take place in the Endgame. He saw 14 million ways the war could end. But only one was a winning chance.

Dr. Strange’s plan  

Dr strange gives Time stone to Thanos
Dr strange gives Time stone to Thanos

So, Strange implemented every choice, in the path to defeat Thanos, that will end in the right way. But this cost the life of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. These events in the film made fans sad and distressed. Some even blamed Strange for letting Iron Man die.

Also, the events of the time heist in endgame allowed an alternate Loki to escape with one of the infinity stones. The time travel events also created a paradox in the MCU timeline. This lead to many theories to the Endgame and various fan speculations. So was the activities of the Endgame the only way to defeat Thanos or was there something else that Dr. Sstrange missed out.

‘Strange’ theories!

Dr Strange in Endgame poster
Dr. Strange in Endgame poster

One Marvel fan posted a theory in Reddit.  He stated that Dr. Strange was conspiring to become the supreme power of the universe. Many rumors like this are revolving around the MCU. Fans expect that all knots will be untied in the phase four movies of Marvel. Since many notable characters like Iron Man and Captain America are absent in this phase, Marvel has to think of new and exciting storylines to keep the audience entertained. So wait and watch to see how MCU connects the story arcs and lines to create a successful phase.

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