In Avengers: Endgame, we saw an intellectual Hulk sport his oversized reading glasses. And we know Bruce Banner wears them. But does Hulk really need to wear glasses too? Well, we know who may have the answer: Marvel Comics. 

Professor Hulk And His New “Hot” Look

Professor Hulk And His New "Hot" Look
Hulk’s new look in Avengers: Endgame is quite intriguing!

Avengers: Endgame is an emotional rollercoaster. But that is not the only reason the fans find is memorable. Indeed, the big reveal of Bruce Banner as “Hot” Professor Hulk stunned many. And rightly so. Because the new brainy Hulk is eloquent, wears nice shirts, and sports trendy oversized pair of glasses. Professor Hulk uses these glasses throughout the movie. While its a delight (and amusement) to look at, but it raises an intriguing question – does Hulk actually NEED to wear glasses?

In multiple MCU films, Bruce Banner was bespectacled in crucial scenes. These scenes imply that they are probably reading glasses. But of course, Hulk hasn’t spent much time with books in the previous movies. Does this mean he had a vision problem all this time? 

Do Marvel Comics Have The Answer?

Do Marvel Comics Have The Answer?
Bruce Banner can transform into multiple types of Hulk corresponding to his personality.

The comics have established that Banner has multiple personalities. And each personality controls a different Hulk. Indeed, Bruce’s gamma-irradiated body allows him to transform into a different Hulk – each corresponding to a distinct personality. It lets him transform into the savage green Hulk, the devil yellow Hulk, the cunning gray Hulk, etc.

Each Hulk is incredibly strong. But the personalities have given them several unique differences. Apart from the different skin-tones, the intelligence of each Hulk varies. While some share Banner’s outstanding IQ, some others are barely capable of speech. Few Hulks heal faster than the others. And some can grow more and more powerful, depending purely on Banner’s rage fuel.

However, a common power all Hulks share in varying degrees is – adapting to any hostile environment. Once, intelligent green Hulk developed the ability to breathe underwater! Similarly, our current “Immortal Hulk” can virtually heal any wound on any part/organ of his body. In fact, he can even repair completely dismembered organs. With this ability, he can literally raise himself (and Bruce Banner) from the dead! Now, with powers like these, a simple vision problem doesn’t sound like something Hulk cannot fix. He would just have to focus on whatever he wants to see clearly. And the adaptive powers will reshape his eyes to an optimal configuration! So Hulk does not need glasses then?

Bruce Banner’s Fixation On His Glasses

Bruce Banner’s Fixation On His Glasses
Bruce Banner’s personality may have something to do with bespectacled Hulk.

Hulk sure can easily fix his vision problem, but the issue isn’t that simple. When Rick Jones catches Professor Hulk in his reading room, he notices Hulk in glasses. But this bit was mostly a gag to poke fun Superman and his inane “Clark Kent disguise.” However, here Hulk mentions how he always feels more comfortable reading with glasses on. And indeed, his transformations are fueled by Bruce Banner’s self-image. Hence, it is very much possible that Banner caused his Professor Hulk-self to need glasses. Even though Hulk can easily make this issue redundant, Banner’s quirk may have influenced him.

Therefore, it is likely, that the Avengers: Endgame’s “Hot” Professor Hulk really does need glasses. Well, for reading, at least. Banner did overcome Hulk’s savage instincts after he “put the brains and the brawn together.” But he still sees himself as someone who needs glasses to read. The eye doctors of MCU may have to treat a very unusual client!

Source: ScreenRant, PopBuzz

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