“Don’t ever meet your superhero”: Kendall Jenner Does Not Want to Meet Brad Pitt Because He Makes Her Uncomfortable

Kendall Jenner might have a lot of fans swooning over her. The American Supermodel is a fashion icon to be reckoned with for several in gen z. But even someone like the world’s highest-paid model has someone whom she is in utter awe of. The Kar-Jenner sister has a person who makes her feel starstruck – nothing less than one of the sexiest men alive – 90’s heartthrob Brad Pitt. Back in 2019, she revealed how merely seeing the Fight Club actor made her flush and leave the event instantly.

Kendall Jenner was star-struck by Brad Pitt

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner couldn’t handle the pressure of seeing Brad Pitt

Kendall Jenner made the exciting revelation in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show while kicking off New York Fashion Week. She revealed that she couldn’t handle the pressure of even seeing the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star. Who would have thought that even the 27-year-old would buckle under pressure?

She had the fortune (or given her reaction, misfortune) of getting a chance to see him during one of Kanye West‘s Sunday Services. She recalled the whole incident, telling Jimmy Fallon, “He did [attend]. He was there.” Turns out he was a common face in the Sunday services organized by the Donda rapper.

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Kendall Jenner couldn’t keep her calm around Brad Pitt

Kendall Jenner and Brad Pitt
Kendall Jenner was so much in awe of Brad Pitt that she left the party early

That is where the trouble began for the 818 Tequila owner. She recalled how everything went down that day. She said, “I think he’s been a couple of times but that was the first time he was there when I was there. And I literally left early.” Imagine leaving your brother-in-law’s Sunday service just because you couldn’t handle the pressure of meeting your celebrity crush.

But one can be sure that she had her own reasons for not being able to meet the 58-year-old. She said, “I like couldn’t even—I just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and it was so good, and he just gets better with age. So I was like, ‘I’ve gotta go.’ And that is how The Kardashians star missed the chance to see her ‘superhero’.

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Meeting your ‘superhero’ is not everyone’s cup of tea

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner couldn’t gather the courage to meet her superhero

She continued, “No, [I didn’t want to meet him] because isn’t there a saying? Don’t ever meet your superhero or whatever? I don’t know. I just love him so much. I’m like, I’m just going to leave it at that and leave. I get nervous.” Could a Kardashian-Jenner ever be more relatable?

Meanwhile, the Babylon star must have had no idea whatsoever about the kind of turmoil he made Jenner go through.

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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