‘Don’t Let Fear Stop You’: Emma Willis Has Important Message For Bruce Willis Fans As Husband Leads Through Example, Goes For ‘Impromptu Jam Session’ Amidst Crippling Aphasia Diagnosis

American actor Bruce Willis who is regarded as a true legend in the entertainment business has been spending his time away from the public eye since his diagnosis with aphasia in March of this year. The actor’s family made the announcement that he would be quitting performing in April which left the world speechless as it was such a piece of unbelievable and shocking news. Though the actor may have quit performing for the audience, it seems that he has not let go of his creative side and is still enjoying the things he loves even while remaining away from the screen.

Bruce Willis’ medical condition

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia back in March 2022 and has been staying home with his family since then. According to the Mayo Clinic, the illness has an impact on people’s capacity for communication, including their capacity to talk, write, and comprehend verbal and written language. Although the Die Hard actor has been diagnosed with this disease, he seems to be doing good through the small glimpses we can see of the actor through his wife, Emma Willis’ Instagram account.

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Message to fans from Emma Willis

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis

 The actor’s wife Emma Willis recently posted a video of Bruce Willis on her Instagram. The actor was seated at the bottom of the stairs in the black-and-white video, wearing a plaid shirt, playing the harmonica while listening to his friend and musician Derek Richard Thomas sing and play the guitar. The two music lovers engaged in an “impromptu jam session,” according to Emma Willis who also added that “Their talent speaks for itself.” She also gave a message to the actor’s fans telling them to never let fear stop them and that Bruce Willis also lives by this example. “My motto is don’t let fear stop you. Why? Because fear constantly stops me. Which is another reason I fell in love with my husband, fear never stopped him,” is what she wrote on one of her Instagram posts about Bruce Willis.

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Celebrity’s current life at home

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis with their two daughters
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis with their two daughters

The actor and his wife, Emma Willis, live with Mabel, 10, and Evelyn Penn, 8, in their current residence. The celebrity doesn’t use social media to live his life but through Emma Willis’ Instagram, we often catch a glimpse or two of his life. The star’s daily life is well documented on his wife’s IG and there are many clips of the actor performing and giving in to his creative side, Along with the recent video of him playing the harmonica, there was another one posted a while back of his attempt to dance with his daughter Mabel which was quite the funny sight to behold as he failed horribly. Another instance saw the couple working together to cultivate flowers at their home while exuding a pleasant aura. All in all, the actor seems happy with his life right now.

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