Doom Annihilation Movie First Trailer Revealed

So the Dr. Doom fans gather up because we are in for some huge surprises and treat. But when the trailer of Doom Annihilation went down a few days ago, critics couldn’t stop saying about it. Let’s have a look at what went wrong.

You might have remembered about the commercial Dr. Doom movie which aired around in the 2005. Well, you don’t have to worry because this one isn’t that good as well. That 2005 movie flopped a significant time, and we comic book nerds were genuinely hurt. Well, that comes another series with this universe when we used to play Dr. Doom’s character into the game. It is better left that way. But if you think that Hollywood will do something justice, then you are wrong. Well sometimes it does, but sometimes the trailers and the franchises are wholly bland and out of context.

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You can watch the Doom Annihilation Trailer here:

What’s the news?

With so much going on, you might have guessed that we needed another badass movie to get us going. This Dr. Doom trailer couldn’t cross the mark with what it had previously left. This trailer is a bit meh, and you can’t argue with that, cause it is really is.

Tony Giglio, does that name rings a bell? If it doesn’t then he is the writer and the producer of the Death Race movies. This movie is set in the odd terrains where the space marines respond to a distress call from the Martian moon base. This movie has the same basic plot and premise so don’t think you will expect something out of the blue. Whatever you saw on the first try is presented over here. Just the scenes are appropriately washed now.

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Don’t mistake this movie for a satanic blood ritual since it is not the one. And now apparently you will think that the producers won’t let their trailer show what the movie means, but really? They could come up with this plot after years of planning. We can’t deny, we all love some bad-ass kicking on the screens, but if a trailer comes and messes up real bad, then it is a no-go. This movie can be missing Doom’s friends so prepare yourself for that.

Doom Annihilation Release Date

If you are still wondering who Doom is, well, you can dust off your old comics and give them a go or you can wait for the Doom Annihilation Movie whose release date is set for somewhere in the second half of 2019.


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