Dragon Ball Super: Important Update About the Namekians

There is already pretty much this year on the plate of Dragon Ball Super, but the creators are still taking out time to answer to questions that were not known by the fans even existed. While the November chapter is being prepared by the creators of the manga, Dragon Ball official website, took out some time to mention a special Namekian before the release. The fans are provided with a chief rectification about the alien race in the latest post.

The post was updated this morning only for the fans, and it is there that latest particulars about Monaito were read by the fans. Ultimately, everybody was stunned when Monaito showed up in the arc of Granolah. What was even more surprising was to know that Monaito, being a Namekian, did not belong to the planet Namek in spite of his ethnicity. But there us a pretty satisfactory clarification for that.

Namekians with Piccolo in the center
Namekians with Piccolo in the center.

There is some contrast between belonging from the Planet Namek and actually being a Namekian, as is shared by the post. There is no separation often on the two sides, a fact that is well known to Dragon Ball. It is not frequent in Dragon Ball Super for Namekians to come up from outside the Planet Namek, but if in case it happens, it is well known to Dragon Ball Super what needs to be done.

“Although, when it comes to Monaito, him living his life far from Planet Namek on Planet Cereal certainly doesn’t make him any less of a Namekian! It’s also worth noting that in Japanese, it seems the nomenclature for Namekians living on Planet Namek specifically is more like Planet Namek-ians, while the general term for a member of the green race is simply Namekian,” the anime’s website can be seen stating.

Now, it is pretty much clear. It is not necessary for Namekians to belong from the Planet Namek to begin, but the world is there, where the  race entered Universe 7. For that matter, the collective name for the race is put as Namekians, but it has more to itself than that. Being a Namekian, if you belong from the Planet Namek, unlike in the case of Monaito, you are informally regarded as a Planet Namekian. In Monaito’s case, he is regarded as a local from the Planet Cereal, and he is the last survivor of his race there. To be true, Dragon Ball fans are scared that the elder will not be able to make it out of the latest arc in alive state to spread knowledge about his moments on the  far off planet.

Did you ever think twice about the name of Piccolo’s race? Would you like Dragon Ball to tackle another Namekian-centric arc? Share your thoughts with us.

Adhish Saxena
Adhish Saxena

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