Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Has Gained More Perspective and He’s Never Going Back!

The Saiyan Prince Vegeta was first introduced in the original Dragon Ball manga. And ever since his introduction, he is shown as someone who is hungry for more power and becomes his ultimate self. He has always proved that he is stronger and powerful than several other characters in the manga. But at the same time, he has also shown his ruthlessness and ferocity. As the story progressed and deadlier villains came into play, Vegeta joined forces with the heroes of Earth. He started saving people who couldn’t save themselves. However, Vegeta never gave up on his drive for accumulating more power. He kept pushing himself to the limit and kept on taking any antagonist who tried to outmatch him. However, in Dragon Ball Super he is seen having more perspective other than just his blind ambitions. And he has proven that he is never going back.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76: Vegeta Has Gained More Perspective

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Has Gained More Perspective and He's Never Going Back!
Prince Vegeta















Written by Akira Toriyama, Vegeta and Goku are seen fighting a cosmic bounty hunter Granolah. This bounty hunter is out for the blood of Saiyans who are responsible for the downfall of his planet years ago by Frieza. At this point in the saga, Vegeta has god-like power. He has trained with Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction. He has also learned the Ultra Ego technique of Lord Beerus. Even after so much power, Granolah manages to break Vegeta to the brink of death. And Vegeta is ready to accept this situation.

During his fight with Granolah, Vegeta wants to fight him one-to-one. The only difference between this fight and other previous ones is that Vegeta doesn’t just want to beat Granolah. Instead, he wants to talk to him fighter to fighter and learn where all this rage is coming from. He wants him to think sensibly.

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Has Gained More Perspective and He's Never Going Back!
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76











When Granolah finally refuses to listen to all his pleas and puts all his life force into killing Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince realizes where his enemy is coming from. He understands that the past crimes of Saiyans will be responsible for their extinction. The Saiyan Prince has accepted that his newfound morals will come in his way to gain more power. And he has accepted that.

Vegeta’s New Outlook a Major Development

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Has Gained More Perspective and He's Never Going Back!
Prince Saiyan and Goku












This change in Vegeta’s outlook is a major development for his character. Especially in times when fans saw his story arc to be regressing. Fans have seen multiple times in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super when Vegeta wanted to fight villains all by himself. So, telling Goku to let him fight Granolah alone is no wonder. After everything that Saiyans have been through, it seems counterproductive for his character to not work with Goku even when the situation calls for it. However, when Vegeta’s personal reason is explained, fans find this as a new development for the character. They see him developed beyond his egotistical character into someone who cares for others, even his enemies.

Thankfully, Goku saves Vegeta at the last minute and gives him a chance to recover from the wounds. Goku is preparing for a fight against Granolah. Will he be able to defeat the bounty hunter using his angelic power of Ultra Instinct? Only time will tell no matter how justifiable Granolah’s reasons may be.

Although, Vegeta was ready to die fighting Granolah, he gets another chance. And he finally proves he is not going back for the remaining Dragon Ball saga!

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