Drake Drops Michael Jackson Song From His UK Tour Post ‘Leaving Neverland’

Drake dropped Michael Jackson song from his UK Tour after ‘Leaving Neverland’ controversy. Drake is going to leave behind one of his biggest hits featuring Michael Jackson as he goes to his UK tour, and all of this is because of “Leaving Neverland”.

Drake Drops Michael Jackson Song From His UK Tour

Drake performing live!
Drake performing live!

As told to sources by TMZ, Drake removed the song “Don’t matter to me”, a track featuring vocals by MJ, from his list of his international tour. Drake’s first show of the UK tour took place on Monday and this didn’t go unnoticed.

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Drake performed in Manchester Arena, and he started with the same opening and closing songs that he used during his North America tour, with one huge exception, the Michael Jackson track, which he performed in US throughout 2018.

Drake Performing Live!

Obviously, all of this was before HBO aired the controversial documentary about Michael Jackson, in which James Safechuck and Wade Robson accuse MJ of sexually abusing them as children. It’s filled with extreme graphic detail.

On Drake’s list, the show at Manchester is one of the many more to come. Drake will go on to have more shows in Birmingham, Dublin and London before it gets over.

We don’t know if Drake actually believes all the charges pressed against Michael Jackson, but nevertheless, his actions are indicating the same.

Source: TMZ, Instagram

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