DreamWorks Memes That Is Going To Make You Question Everything!

When we think of children movies the studios that pop up on our minds are Disney, Pixar and the least popular… DreamWorks. Despite the low popularity, the studio has given certain gems which are not only enjoyed by the kids but even treasured by the adults even today!
As we know, internet never forgives or forgets and there obviously are certain lines, silly tropes, scenes which were definitely meme worthy.
People are definitely paying more attention to the details and viewers have been able to point out quite a lot of flaws.
Here are few memes that either are scary or make no sense or both!

Remember Those Annoying Lemurs?

Every movie has a catchy song, scene or a dialogue. They seem to provide some real entertainment for the children, but the parents would be probably get tired listening to the same thing 20 times a day. That can be awfully annoying too. (We all remember Baby Shark)
No wonder this meme suggest that animals of Madagascar movies would rather go back to the zoo than stay with the dancing lemurs.

Same Art Work?

Turbo, is a movie about a snail that wants to be really fast. But wait, snails are NOT supposed to be fast, in fact be super slow. As a result his other snail friends disapprove him. However it is a kids film and of course he end ups not only being the hero but also his fame helps a dying town boost economy. Now Cars sort of follows the same track, having different scenario for Lightning McQueen but the same end!
The posters are way too similar for the films but the movies are just have similar ends and the fact both the leads want super speed.



Enough Girl Power?

This meme is bang on. DreamWorks films certainly have a lot of amazing strong female characters. But no matter how fierce they might be , they always end up being damsel in distress. That kind of sends a wrong message to kids that no matter how powerful the girl is, she needs to stay on the sidelines. Croods and maybe Trolls are the only films with a woman as a leading character. These women are very well written but DreamWorks definitely needs to focus more.


An average donkey which always panics, falls in love with a 50 feet dragon and they produced such cute kids (We don’t know how and don’t even want to think about it) magically! It’s definitely one of the funny moments from Shrek movie.


Family Movies

This touching scene is not between humans, but a woman and a bee.
The Bee Movie showcased a really complicated relationship between Barry B. Benson (A BEE!!) and Vanessa Bloome.
The plot of the movie is bit weird, its about Barry suing Humans for exploitation of bees. It definitely is a no brainer movie which can be forgiven, but what cannot is that this scene is in a kids movie. We are pretty sure that it would be more of an nightmare explaining the kids what the pact is about and why are they saying it!




What is going on?

The Bee Movie has to be the strangest animates movies out there especially the fact that it explores the idea of a woman having a romantic relationship with a bee. The meme surely leads you somewhere else but there still is a lot of subtext in the film.  Why is she wearing a sexy dress? And if it not for him then what is it for?





No For The Love Of God!

This is one scary Shrek fan art. Guess this is what happens if you miss a gym day.

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