Dressing Up as Batman WOULD increase your work efficiency!!

In a world full of distractions, it is now almost impossible to find someone to do a boring task. While doing a work of 10 minutes, we will check out phones for 30 minutes. But why?

In a world full of gadgets, preserverance i.e. the ability to stick to something is impossible to find. And it was becoming to restore that quality in the upcoming generations.

Keeping this in mind, six researchers collaborated to perform a study. They take a sample size of 180 kids from ages 4-6. Each of the kid was assigned a boring task for 10 minutes only.
They were handed over iPads, in case they got bored.

And at the end it was found that kids spent 37% of the time on their work and the rest on iPads.

dressing batman increase work efficiency

Then a second task was carried out.
The 180 group size was divided into 3 categories.

1. The First Category:- Kids were asked to ask themselves,”Am I working hard?” during the task. The efficiency was improved but not by much.

2. The Second Category:- Kids were asked to ask themselves by name. For example, if a kid is named Anna, she will ask herself, “Is Anna working hard?” This tactic improved their work efficiency a little more.

3. The Third Category:- The most interesting one was the third category. The kids were asked to dress up like their favorite superhero, with Batman, BOB the builder, Spiderman in the options. Most of the kids chose to dress up as Batman. And then they asked themselves, “Is Batman working hard?”

Credit: DC Entertainment

Without a doubt, there was a drastic improvement in the efficiency of the third category of kids. And why not? Could there be any such moment when Batman is not giving his 100% to the work.

The study was published as “The “Batman Effect”: Improving Perseverance in Young Children.”


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